Cast of Characters Sorted Alphabetically

ID Character Count
akira Akira 0
akirafan1 Akira Fanatic 1 1
akirafan2 Akira Fanatic 2 2
akirafan3 Akira Fanatic 3 1
akirafan4 Akira Fanatic 4 2
akirafan5 Akira Fanatic 5 1
akiragun Tank Gunner 0
allcapsules All 6 members at once 1
armysarge Colonel's Seargent 11
arrestofficer Arresting Officer 7
barcust Bar Customer 1
bartend Harukiya Bartender 13
buildannounce Robotic Building Alarm Announcment 4
bystand1 Bystander 1 1
bystand2 Bystander 2 1
bystand3 Bystander 3 1
bystand4 Bystander 4 Bystander 4 1
bystand5 Bystander 5 1
capsule1 Capsule Gang Member 1 1
captain1 Riot Police Captian 1
clown1 Clown 1 1
clown2 Clown 2 1
clown3 Clown 3 1
coach School Coach 4
colonel Colonel Shikishima 119
council1 Councilman 1 4
council2 Councilman 2 7
council3 Councilman 3 7
council4 Councilman 4 3
council5 Councilman 5 3
council6 Councilman 6 2
council7 Councilman 7 2
council8 Councilman 8 7
docstaff Doctor's Staffmember 1
doctor Doctor Onishi 78
eiichi Eiichi Watanabe 1
girl1 Redhead 3
girl2 Lighter Brunette 5
girl3 Darker Brunette 9
headcouncil Head of Council 6
helisoldier Helicopter Soldier 3
hwpolice Highway Policeman Highway Policeman 3
joker Joker Joker 2
kai Kaisuke 64
kaneda Kaneda 214
kaori Kaori 21
kei Kei Kei 82
kiyoko Kiyoko 49
labassistant Lab Assistant 4
labsecurity1 Lab Security Guard 1 2
labsecurity2 Lab Security Guard 2 0
labsoldier1 Lab Soldier 1 1
labsoldiers Group of Lab Soldiers 2
labswat Lab Swat Team Leader 4
lasercommand Laser Gun Squad Leader 5
masaru Masaru 30
mitsuru Mitsuru Kuwata 4
miyako Lady Miyako 16
mobileradio Command Center Radioman 3
moto1 Motorist 1 Motorist 1 1
moto2 Motorist 2 Motorist 2 1
moto3 Motorist 3 Motorist 3 1
moto4 Motorist 4 Motorist 4 1
naysay Nay Sayer 2
newscast Male Newscaster 9
nezu Mr. Nezu 16
nezuassist Mr. Nezu's Assistant 3
nezusoldier Mr. Nezu's Guard 0
nlady News Lady 7
nurse Hospital Nurse 2
officer1 Police Officer 1 12
officer2 Police Officer 2 4
officer3 Police Officer 3 4
officer4 Police Officer 4 2
officer5 Police Officer 5 1
olympicannouncer Olympic Intercom Announcer 3
olympicguard1 Olympic Post Guard 1 3
olympicguard2 Olympic Post Guard 2 2
onlooker Onlooker on Bridge 1
principal School Principal 6
prisoner1 Prisoner 1 1
prisoner2 Prisoner 2 1
protestpolice Anti-protest Policeman 3
radio1 Man on Vehicle's Radio 2
radiorelay Radio Relayer 4
researchstaff1 Research Staffmember 1 9
researchstaff2 Research Staffmember 2 3
researchstaff3 Research Staffmember 3 2
restgirl Female Restaurant Guest Female Guest 1
restguy Male Restaurant Guest Male Guest 2
revoguy1 Revolutionist 5
revoguy2 Crazed Revolutionist 3
ryu Ryu 37
sarge1 Army Sargeant 1 6
schoolgirl1 School Girl 1 2
schoolgirl2 School Girl 2 1
searchcommand Search Commander 6
secretary Senator's Secretary 1
security Security Announcer 3
senator Corrupt Senator 9
sewerpilot1 Sewer Vehicle Pilot 1 2
solcontrol1 Sol Controller 1 3
solcontrol2 Sol Controller 2 2
soldier1 Soldier 1 2
soldier2 Soldier 2 2
soldier2 Soldier 2 Soldier 2 2
soldier3 Soldier 3 Soldier 3 2
soldier3 Soldier 3 2
soldier4 Soldier 4 1
spy1 Anti-Government Spy 1 12
spy2 Anti-Government Spy 2 14
takashi Takashi 17
takeyama Yuji Takeyama Takeyama Yuji 5
tankcommand1 Tank Commander 1 11
tankcommand1 Tank Commander1 11
tankcommand2 Tank Commander2 3
tetsuo Tetsuo Shima Shima Tetsuo 152
viewer TV Viewer 1
viewers TV Viewers 1
woundedsoldier Wounded Soldier 1
yamagata Yamagata Yamagata 42

Cast of Characters Sorted by Count

ID Character Count
kaneda Kaneda 214
tetsuo Tetsuo Shima Shima Tetsuo 152
colonel Colonel Shikishima 119
kei Kei Kei 82
doctor Doctor Onishi 78
kai Kaisuke 64
kiyoko Kiyoko 49
yamagata Yamagata Yamagata 42
ryu Ryu 37
masaru Masaru 30
kaori Kaori 21
takashi Takashi 17
nezu Mr. Nezu 16
miyako Lady Miyako 16
spy2 Anti-Government Spy 2 14
bartend Harukiya Bartender 13
officer1 Police Officer 1 12
spy1 Anti-Government Spy 1 12
armysarge Colonel's Seargent 11
tankcommand1 Tank Commander 1 11
tankcommand1 Tank Commander1 11
senator Corrupt Senator 9
girl3 Darker Brunette 9
researchstaff1 Research Staffmember 1 9
newscast Male Newscaster 9
nlady News Lady 7
council2 Councilman 2 7
council3 Councilman 3 7
council8 Councilman 8 7
arrestofficer Arresting Officer 7
sarge1 Army Sargeant 1 6
principal School Principal 6
headcouncil Head of Council 6
searchcommand Search Commander 6
takeyama Yuji Takeyama Takeyama Yuji 5
revoguy1 Revolutionist 5
girl2 Lighter Brunette 5
lasercommand Laser Gun Squad Leader 5
officer2 Police Officer 2 4
coach School Coach 4
mitsuru Mitsuru Kuwata 4
officer3 Police Officer 3 4
council1 Councilman 1 4
labassistant Lab Assistant 4
radiorelay Radio Relayer 4
labswat Lab Swat Team Leader 4
buildannounce Robotic Building Alarm Announcment 4
hwpolice Highway Policeman Highway Policeman 3
revoguy2 Crazed Revolutionist 3
girl1 Redhead 3
security Security Announcer 3
researchstaff2 Research Staffmember 2 3
protestpolice Anti-protest Policeman 3
council4 Councilman 4 3
council5 Councilman 5 3
helisoldier Helicopter Soldier 3
nezuassist Mr. Nezu's Assistant 3
tankcommand2 Tank Commander2 3
mobileradio Command Center Radioman 3
olympicguard1 Olympic Post Guard 1 3
olympicannouncer Olympic Intercom Announcer 3
solcontrol1 Sol Controller 1 3
restguy Male Restaurant Guest Male Guest 2
joker Joker Joker 2
soldier1 Soldier 1 2
soldier2 Soldier 2 2
soldier2 Soldier 2 Soldier 2 2
soldier3 Soldier 3 Soldier 3 2
soldier3 Soldier 3 2
nurse Hospital Nurse 2
officer4 Police Officer 4 2
researchstaff3 Research Staffmember 3 2
council6 Councilman 6 2
council7 Councilman 7 2
labsecurity1 Lab Security Guard 1 2
sewerpilot1 Sewer Vehicle Pilot 1 2
radio1 Man on Vehicle's Radio 2
labsoldiers Group of Lab Soldiers 2
akirafan2 Akira Fanatic 2 2
akirafan4 Akira Fanatic 4 2
naysay Nay Sayer 2
olympicguard2 Olympic Post Guard 2 2
solcontrol2 Sol Controller 2 2
schoolgirl1 School Girl 1 2
barcust Bar Customer 1
restgirl Female Restaurant Guest Female Guest 1
moto1 Motorist 1 Motorist 1 1
moto2 Motorist 2 Motorist 2 1
moto3 Motorist 3 Motorist 3 1
moto4 Motorist 4 Motorist 4 1
bystand1 Bystander 1 1
bystand2 Bystander 2 1
bystand3 Bystander 3 1
bystand4 Bystander 4 Bystander 4 1
captain1 Riot Police Captian 1
clown1 Clown 1 1
clown2 Clown 2 1
capsule1 Capsule Gang Member 1 1
bystand5 Bystander 5 1
prisoner1 Prisoner 1 1
prisoner2 Prisoner 2 1
secretary Senator's Secretary 1
allcapsules All 6 members at once 1
eiichi Eiichi Watanabe 1
clown3 Clown 3 1
docstaff Doctor's Staffmember 1
officer5 Police Officer 5 1
labsoldier1 Lab Soldier 1 1
woundedsoldier Wounded Soldier 1
soldier4 Soldier 4 1
akirafan1 Akira Fanatic 1 1
akirafan3 Akira Fanatic 3 1
viewer TV Viewer 1
viewers TV Viewers 1
akirafan5 Akira Fanatic 5 1
onlooker Onlooker on Bridge 1
schoolgirl2 School Girl 2 1
akira Akira 0
labsecurity2 Lab Security Guard 2 0
nezusoldier Mr. Nezu's Guard 0
akiragun Tank Gunner 0


1nlady: Groups of unemployed workers, who have grown in number... 00:01:58.050-00:02:02.929
2nlady: due to tax reforms enacted by the former Prime Minister, are rioting all across the country. 00:02:03.055-00:02:07.683
3nlady: There is confusion among parliament members which was sparked by the comments... 00:02:07.809-00:02:10.061
4nlady: of Finance Minister Takanashi during the recent parliament inquiry. 00:02:10.187-00:02:13.564
5nlady: There seems to be no compromise in sight between the government and opposition. 00:02:13.690-00:02:16.609
6bartend: - Hey, there. Call it. 00:02:16.735-00:02:18.861
7barcust: - Gimme somethin'. Three peanuts. 00:02:18.862-00:02:21.280
8kaneda: Let's see...... 00:02:22.407-00:02:24.033
9bartend: Now, uh...... 00:02:25.369-00:02:26.452
10yamagata: The Clown bastards are herded out on route number 5. 00:02:38.924-00:02:41.467
11bartend: Damn it, don't scare me like that. Open that damn door quietly. 00:02:44.429-00:02:47.139
12yamagata: You know, you wouldn't be so jumpy if you didn't have anything to hide. 00:02:47.265-00:02:50.393
13yamagata: Why don't you sell normal drinks for a change? 00:02:53.021-00:02:54.647
14bartend: How about buyin' somethin' for once? This ain't a hangout for damn street gangs. 00:02:54.940-00:02:58.734
15yamagata: Yeah, right! Drink your dog piss? 00:02:58.860-00:03:00.653
16tetsuo: Twin ceramic rotor drives on each wheel. 00:03:05.075-00:03:07.994
17tetsuo: Let's see. And these are... 00:03:08.078-00:03:10.287
18tetsuo: computer-controlled antilock brakes. 00:03:10.372-00:03:14.625
19tetsuo: Huh, 200 horses at 12,000 R.P.M. 00:03:14.751-00:03:17.336
20kaneda: You want to ride it, Tetsuo? 00:03:20.298-00:03:22.675
21yamagata: All right! Let's hit it! 00:03:22.801-00:03:24.010
22kaneda: I customized that bike for myself. It's too wild. You couldn't handle it. 00:03:26.930-00:03:30.266
23yamagata: I don't see how you could ride something crazy like that, man. 00:03:31.476-00:03:34.520
24tetsuo: Huh! I could. 00:03:36.314-00:03:37.273
25kaneda: Ha! If you want it so bad then steal one yourself. 00:03:37.482-00:03:40.526
26restgirl: - Unbelievable. 00:04:47.135-00:04:48.052
27restguy: - Unbelievable. - Punks! 00:04:48.053-00:04:49.053
28restguy: Hey, waiter! Where are you going? 00:04:51.890-00:04:53.432
29yamagata: They ran into the alley! After 'em! 00:04:57.062-00:04:59.939
30takeyama: Quit foolin' around, you idiot! 00:05:13.245-00:05:15.955
31tetsuo: Fuck! 00:05:19.417-00:05:20.417
32joker: What? 00:05:53.368-00:05:54.410
33joker: - That's the...... 00:06:24.482-00:06:25.649
34kaneda: - That's the...... - Huh? 00:06:25.650-00:06:26.275
35hwpolice: This is unit 375. 00:06:26.401-00:06:28.194
36hwpolice: We've got reports of biker gangs fighting near the intersection of highway 14 South. 00:06:28.320-00:06:33.365
37hwpolice: Request immediate assistance. Car 375 en route to the scene...... 00:06:33.491-00:06:36.285
38yamagata: It's the cops. What should we do? 00:06:37.996-00:06:39.455
39kaneda: Damn it. My motor coils were just getting warmed up. 00:06:39.748-00:06:42.499
40kaneda: Bastards! Let's go, Tetsuo! 00:06:48.673-00:06:51.884
41tetsuo: I'm coming! 00:06:52.010-00:06:53.302
42yamagata: - Damn them! 00:06:53.428-00:06:54.303
43kaneda: - Damn them! - Come on! 00:06:54.304-00:06:55.221
44nlady: A skirmish has broken out between student protesters and riot police. 00:07:04.272-00:07:07.650
45nlady: There appear to be some casualties. Next... 00:07:07.776-00:07:10.736
46moto1: Don't make me get out of this car! 00:07:32.217-00:07:34.343
47moto2: Jerk, I'm in a hurry! 00:07:34.469-00:07:36.553
48moto3: - What was that? 00:07:51.695-00:07:53.737
49moto4: - What was that? - Call the Police! 00:07:53.738-00:07:55.114
50soldier1: This area is off limits! 00:08:21.224-00:08:24.727
51soldier1: Go back! It's dangerous! 00:08:24.978-00:08:27.313
52soldier2: Hey, something strange over there. 00:08:27.397-00:08:28.647
53kei: Let me through! Sorry. 00:08:28.773-00:08:30.316
54bystand1: What're you doing? 00:08:30.442-00:08:31.150
55bystand2: It's blood. Look! 00:08:39.617-00:08:41.744
56kei: Please let me through. Excuse me. Pardon me. 00:08:42.203-00:08:45.456
57bystand3: Watch it, jerk! 00:08:45.582-00:08:47.249
58kei: Pardon me. I'm sorry. 00:08:50.962-00:08:53.005
59kei: Ryu! 00:08:53.548-00:08:54.340
60bystand4: Hey, look! They're running away! 00:08:54.716-00:08:57.384
61soldier2: He's got a gun! 00:09:02.223-00:09:03.849
62soldier3: Fire! 00:09:09.814-00:09:11.690
63captain1: Wait! He's got a kid! 00:09:13.318-00:09:15.194
64revoguy1: Run. 00:09:25.789-00:09:26.705
65revoguy1: You gotta hurry. 00:09:27.957-00:09:29.833
66revoguy1: Go to Ryu. -
67revoguy1: Ryu will help you now. 00:09:36.174-00:09:39.051
68revoguy1: Get out of here... Now! 00:09:42.931-00:09:45.057
69ryu: Kei! 00:10:17.549-00:10:19.508
70ryu: We've gotta get out of here, Kei? 00:10:21.219-00:10:23.762
71kei: He's gone! 00:10:27.058-00:10:28.767
72masaru: He's to the West. -
73colonel: West? The old city...... 00:10:40.572-00:10:43.198
74clown1: Eat this! 00:10:54.586-00:10:55.627
75kaneda: Tetsuo! 00:11:08.266-00:11:09.933
76kei: Ryu! Where are you? 00:11:48.806-00:11:51.683
77ryu: Kei! 00:11:55.396-00:11:56.271
78clown2: No, that's...... 00:12:23.258-00:12:24.800
79tetsuo: How do you like that? 00:12:45.029-00:12:46.572
80yamagata: Well? Who is it? 00:12:56.624-00:12:58.750
81capsule1: It's not him. It's not Tetsuo. 00:12:58.876-00:13:01.253
82kaneda: All right. Move out! 00:13:01.379-00:13:03.255
83tetsuo: Why you... What'd you do, you weird little...... 00:13:08.136-00:13:13.098
84kaneda: Tetsuo! Just hang on! 00:13:26.029-00:13:28.864
85kaneda: What? What did you say? 00:13:31.409-00:13:32.576
86tetsuo: That kid...... 00:13:32.702-00:13:34.911
87yamagata: He's really hurt bad. 00:13:37.206-00:13:39.875
88kaneda: Hey! You, there! 00:13:40.501-00:13:42.628
89yamagata: We gotta get him to a hospital! He needs an ambulance! 00:13:43.379-00:13:46.882
90takeyama: We can't move him! 00:13:46.924-00:13:48.884
91takashi: Wha...What the...! 00:13:57.518-00:13:59.811
92masaru: There's no escape. 00:14:14.702-00:14:16.953
93masaru: We're here to take you back with us. 00:14:22.377-00:14:24.503
94masaru: You know we can't survive outside. 00:14:29.967-00:14:33.512
95masaru: Well, come along. 00:14:33.638-00:14:35.180
96yamagata: Army helicopters! It's the army! 00:14:38.309-00:14:41.353
97sarge1: Move out! 00:14:48.152-00:14:49.528
98sarge1: Kiss the ground! Hands on your heads! 00:15:00.415-00:15:02.124
99kaneda: We're, uh, innocent bystanders, that's all. 00:15:02.500-00:15:05.460
100sarge1: Kiss the ground! Hands on your heads! 00:15:05.586-00:15:07.879
101kai: That hurts, damn it. 00:15:17.014-00:15:19.391
102kaneda: Kai! 00:15:19.517-00:15:20.392
103colonel: Soldier. 00:15:26.149-00:15:27.524
104sarge1: - Sir. 00:15:27.525-00:15:28.358
105colonel: - Sir. - Who are those kids? 00:15:28.359-00:15:29.693
106sarge1: They seem to be an ordinary biker gang, sir. 00:15:29.777-00:15:32.195
107colonel: We're returning. 00:15:47.336-00:15:50.005
108kai: - Ouch! Will you just hold on a minute? 00:15:50.131-00:15:52.215
109kaneda: - Ouch! Will you just hold on a minute? - My arms don't bend that way! 00:15:52.216-00:15:54.509
110sarge1: Pull the wounded onto the helicopter. 00:15:54.635-00:15:57.429
111kaneda: Tetsuo! Hey, wait! You can't take him away like that! 00:15:57.555-00:16:01.349
112kai: Kaneda! 00:16:01.476-00:16:02.517
113yamagata: What the hell are you guys doing? We didn't do anything! 00:16:02.977-00:16:05.854
114kai: Get off! 00:16:05.980-00:16:07.355
115officer: All right. The story is, you and your friends went out at night... 00:17:07.542-00:17:12.003
116officer: on your bikes to visit your dying mother, and then... 00:17:12.129-00:17:14.422
117officer: another bunch of biker hooligans called the Clowns attacked you. 00:17:14.549-00:17:18.343
118officer: They hurt your friend, you lost your temper, and that's why eight of these Clowns... 00:17:18.636-00:17:21.805
119officer1: your attackers...are all now in the hospital, and that is the truth. 00:17:21.931-00:17:25.517
120kaneda: Wow! She sure is hot. 00:17:25.643-00:17:27.811
121officer2: Hmm? This is confidential! 00:17:28.312-00:17:30.605
122officer1: And how's your mother doing? 00:17:31.148-00:17:32.315
123kaneda: Fortunately, the worst is over. She cleared the hump. 00:17:32.483-00:17:36.528
124officer1: She cleared the hump, and you left her for cruising, huh? 00:17:36.654-00:17:39.781
125kaneda: Wha...? 00:17:39.907-00:17:41.032
126officer2: Ah, these bozos couldn't have anything to do with it. 00:17:45.413-00:17:47.622
127officer1: That goes without saying. 00:17:47.748-00:17:49.624
128officer2: Wait out on that bench. Do you understand? 00:17:50.960-00:17:54.379
129officer2: All right. Send in the next five. 00:17:57.008-00:17:59.467
130kai: So the army's working with the police... 00:18:01.262-00:18:03.471
131kai: to hunt down antigovernment groups, or so it seems. 00:18:03.598-00:18:06.558
132revoguy2: - You wanna put up a fight? 00:18:13.190-00:18:14.190
133revoguy2: - You wanna put up a fight? - Get your hands off me! 00:18:14.191-00:18:15.358
134revoguy2: Long live the freedom revolution! 00:18:22.033-00:18:24.743
135yamagata: He's got a grenade! 00:18:27.163-00:18:29.497
136officer1: All right, that's enough. Get him back in there. 00:18:44.388-00:18:47.766
137officer1: I'll teach him a lesson. He won't forget. 00:18:47.892-00:18:50.268
138yamagata: You dumb bastard! If you wanna die, hang yourself! 00:18:50.394-00:18:53.772
139officer1: Listen, you kids are free to leave. We've contacted your schools. See your principle in the morning 00:18:54.398-00:18:58.276
140kaneda: Hold on a second, old man! 00:19:00.404-00:19:01.613
141officer1: Wha... "Old man"? 00:19:02.907-00:19:04.366
142kaneda: There was someone else with us, you know. 00:19:04.492-00:19:05.951
143officer1: What was that? 00:19:06.369-00:19:07.452
144kaneda: Excuse me, please? 00:19:07.578-00:19:10.246
145kei: Huh? Hey! What are you doing? 00:19:10.373-00:19:13.083
146kaneda: Uh, it's this one right here. Can't leave my friend. 00:19:13.209-00:19:16.086
147officer1: Don't ever call me "old man," you little punk! 00:19:16.212-00:19:18.713
148bystand5: That's my foot ! 00:19:19.256-00:19:20.465
149officer1: You listen here, kid. I'm only 25 years old. I'm not even married yet. 00:19:20.591-00:19:25.303
150officer1: Watch your mouth. Get out of here and take your friend with you. 00:19:25.429-00:19:29.641
151prisoner1: - I'm starving! 00:19:29.767-00:19:30.600
152prisoner2: - I'm starving! - I need a doctor! 00:19:30.601-00:19:32.310
153takeyama: I think the army was chasing that weird kid Kaneda saw. That's what I think. 00:19:32.436-00:19:37.607
154yamagata: Yeah, you're right. I think I saw him too. 00:19:37.733-00:19:40.276
155kai: Speaking of Tetsuo, why the hell wouldn't they tell us what hospital they threw him in? 00:19:40.403-00:19:44.155
156kei: Huh? What was that? 00:19:44.448-00:19:45.615
157kaneda: What I meant was maybe we could go for a drink. 00:19:46.075-00:19:49.411
158kaneda: I figure we could have a nice, long chat about something you're into... 00:19:49.537-00:19:52.747
159kaneda: like the whole revolution thing. 00:19:52.873-00:19:55.000
160kei: I think you're a skirt chaser who'll try anything he can. 00:19:56.127-00:19:58.670
161kei: You'll help anyone so long as it's a girl. Right? 00:19:59.255-00:20:02.007
162kaneda: You're wrong! 00:20:02.133-00:20:03.174
163kaneda: - I have very high standards. 00:20:03.300-00:20:03.967
164soldier3: - I have very high standards. - Line 'em up! Come on! Move it! 00:20:03.968-00:20:06.928
165kaneda: It's not their looks that count. It's their... I don't know...... 00:20:07.054-00:20:09.431
166kaneda: A girl's sensitivity that makes me do it. 00:20:09.557-00:20:12.183
167kei: I suppose I owe you one. Thank you very much, uh...... 00:20:12.309-00:20:16.187
168kaneda: - I'm Kaneda. It's nice to... Huh? 00:20:16.313-00:20:17.814
169kei: - I'm Kaneda. It's nice to... Huh? - See you around, Kaneda. 00:20:17.815-00:20:19.190
170kaneda: Wait a second! You're leaving just like that? 00:20:19.817-00:20:23.486
171kaneda: Hey! Now hold on. I'm the guy that saved you back there. 00:20:23.612-00:20:27.866
172kaneda: You could at least tell me your name, you cold bitch! 00:20:31.328-00:20:34.789
173senator: Yes, I'll try talking with him, but it's risky business. 00:20:36.834-00:20:41.212
174senator: If they think you're avoiding responsibility, the whole thing could blow up in your face. 00:20:41.338-00:20:45.216
175senator: I can't believe that there's a mole in the executive council. 00:20:46.761-00:20:49.971
176colonel: Even if there is a mole...... 00:20:50.639-00:20:51.890
177senator: That's not what's important here! 00:20:52.349-00:20:54.392
178senator: What is are political maneuvers and diplomacy which, apparently, you despise. 00:20:54.518-00:20:58.730
179colonel: I never studied the two subjects in school, it would seem. 00:20:58.856-00:21:01.232
180senator: In any case, at the next executive council meeting... 00:21:01.358-00:21:04.235
181senator: your poor management and lack of judgment on this last incident... 00:21:04.361-00:21:06.988
182senator: will be called into question. 00:21:07.198-00:21:09.407
183secretary: There's a call for the colonel, sir. 00:21:13.204-00:21:14.746
184senator: Put your affairs in order, if you want my advice. 00:21:17.500-00:21:20.251
185colonel: Yes, it's me. What is it now? 00:21:23.214-00:21:25.090
186doctor: This way, please, Colonel. 00:21:46.028-00:21:48.571
187doctor: I'm terribly sorry to call you here, but there's something you really must see. 00:21:48.697-00:21:53.743
188doctor: Colonel, please look at this. 00:21:57.581-00:21:59.457
189doctor: It's the special pattern I'm getting from that young man. 00:21:59.917-00:22:02.418
190doctor: It doesn't resemble any that I've seen so far... 00:22:02.545-00:22:04.963
191doctor: and I've never seen a developmental speed or configuration like this. 00:22:05.089-00:22:08.216
192doctor: It may have begun with the shock of contact with number 26, or it could be...... 00:22:08.342-00:22:12.720
193colonel: Have you finished running the comparison against Akira's pattern? 00:22:12.847-00:22:15.807
194doctor: I'll show you right now. 00:22:15.933-00:22:18.393
195doctor: This projection is made using mixed data, and the results are not quite correct... -
196doctor: so a direct comparison is difficult. 00:22:25.776-00:22:28.319
197doctor: But I believe based on what we see here that this boy's pattern is the key... 00:22:28.445-00:22:31.906
198doctor: to solving the riddle of Akira's growth-pattern process. 00:22:32.032-00:22:35.285
199colonel: - Fine. You may continue. 00:22:35.411-00:22:37.036
200doctor: - Thank you very much, sir. 00:22:37.037-00:22:38.663
201doctor: I'm certain he'll turn out to be a worthy addition to the numbers, don't you? 00:22:38.789-00:22:42.167
202doctor: It may be rough on the boy... 00:22:42.293-00:22:45.170
203doctor: but I thought we might try starting him off with level 7 capsules. 00:22:45.296-00:22:48.756
204colonel: Is it safe, doctor? 00:22:48.883-00:22:50.341
205doctor: I will take care of it. 00:22:50.467-00:22:51.676
206colonel: No! I wasn't talking about the boy at all! 00:22:51.802-00:22:56.181
207colonel: If he turns out to reach a power like Akira's... 00:22:56.307-00:22:59.309
208colonel: are you positive that you are able to control such power? 00:22:59.435-00:23:02.020
209doctor: Uh, well, that's a...... 00:23:02.146-00:23:03.813
210colonel: Can you handle this? 00:23:04.815-00:23:06.691
211doctor: Uh, well, then, in my opinion... 00:23:06.817-00:23:09.194
212doctor: if we can use the latest examination equipment to collect even more data... 00:23:09.320-00:23:12.947
213doctor: and also do a multifaceted analysis as we go, then surely...... 00:23:13.073-00:23:16.534
214colonel: But maybe we weren't meant to meddle with that ultimate power. 00:23:17.953-00:23:22.040
215doctor: You mean... the power of a god? 00:23:22.499-00:23:25.460
216tetsuo: "A-ki-ra." 00:23:28.172-00:23:30.840
217colonel: But we have no choice but to grasp that power... 00:23:30.966-00:23:33.343
218colonel: grasp that power and learn to control it. 00:23:33.510-00:23:36.846
219colonel: And if this situation gets out of hand, then he's to be terminated. 00:23:36.972-00:23:40.058
220colonel: - And without hesitation! 00:23:40.976-00:23:42.977
221doctor: - Yes, Colonel. 00:23:42.978-00:23:44.562
222principal: This school is your last chance! 00:23:45.022-00:23:47.982
223principal: If trash like you guys can't keep up with the academic ability of regular students...... 00:23:48.192-00:23:50.568
224principal: If you can't live a decent social life, you end up here! 00:23:50.819-00:23:54.697
225principal: And if you screw up here, it's the end of the road! 00:23:54.865-00:23:57.033
226principal: Also, even though you're under 15, if you get more than 50 penalty points... 00:23:57.117-00:24:00.745
227principal: you're sent to the regular court. 00:24:00.871-00:24:02.997
228kaneda: Aw, bite me. Don't mess with us, you bald old goat. 00:24:03.040-00:24:05.250
229coach: Are you listening? 00:24:05.292-00:24:07.252
230yamagata: - You lost me halfway through. 00:24:07.336-00:24:08.544
231coach: - Discipline! 00:24:08.545-00:24:09.879
232coach: Discipline! Discipline! 00:24:10.005-00:24:15.009
233coach: Discipline! Dismissed! 00:24:15.135-00:24:17.095
234allcapsules: Thank you very much, sir. 00:24:18.389-00:24:21.891
235kaneda: - You loser! I'm gonna beat you up someday! 00:24:22.893-00:24:26.062
236yamagata: We're gonna remember this! 00:24:26.063-00:24:27.272
237takeyama: - Yeah, you sick mother! 00:24:27.398-00:24:28.564
238kaneda: - Damn! 00:24:28.565-00:24:31.276
239girl1: Hi, Yamagata! 00:24:36.907-00:24:38.199
240girl2: What happened to your cheek? 00:24:38.325-00:24:40.702
241kaneda: - Don't bother me. 00:24:40.744-00:24:41.744
242girl3: I heard you got into a fight. 00:24:41.745-00:24:43.621
243girl3: My friends told me you fought the Clowns on the highway in the old city. 00:24:43.747-00:24:46.874
244mitsuru: Big deal. 00:24:46.917-00:24:47.625
245girl3: Why didn't you wipe 'em out? Those guys are so gross. 00:24:47.751-00:24:50.461
246mitsuru: Clowns, demonstrators, cops, the damn army... 00:24:50.587-00:24:53.798
247mitsuru: and that idiot Tetsuo had an accident! 00:24:53.924-00:24:55.967
248kaori: What happened to Tetsuo? 00:24:56.093-00:24:57.802
249mitsuru: He's in the hospital, but we don't know where. 00:24:57.886-00:24:59.637
250eiichi: Dumb loser was trying to show off. 00:24:59.763-00:25:01.723
251takeyama: Yeah, a real jerk. 00:25:01.765-00:25:02.974
252kaneda: Stupid idiot! 00:25:05.269-00:25:06.477
253girl2: - You're talking about Tetsuo, right? 00:25:06.603-00:25:08.438
254kaneda: Shut up already! 00:25:08.439-00:25:09.731
255kaneda: Why do you have to be hangin' on my arm every minute? 00:25:09.857-00:25:11.649
256girl2: What the heck has got into you? 00:25:11.692-00:25:13.151
257nurse: Tetsuo, it's time for your medicines. 00:25:28.792-00:25:32.170
258nurse: Doctor, hurry! The boy is gone! 00:25:33.464-00:25:35.840
259girl3: No, I can't. You know the dorm mother always throws a fit if you go out before 10:00. 00:25:39.803-00:25:44.682
260girl3: Yeah, you know, the one with a face like a goat? That woman is such a pain. 00:25:44.808-00:25:49.687
261girl3: She's always complaining about us girls. Huh? Tomorrow at 3:00? 00:25:49.813-00:25:52.815
262girl3: Yeah, that's cool. Hey, what happened to that girl? You know who. 00:25:52.941-00:25:58.321
263girl3: I don't like her at all. She gets on my nerves. 00:25:58.447-00:26:02.325
264tetsuo: Kaori! 00:26:02.451-00:26:03.326
265kaori: Tetsuo! 00:26:05.454-00:26:07.038
266kaori: Everyone's been worried about you. They thought you were dead. 00:26:07.164-00:26:11.793
267tetsuo: When I woke up, I was on an operating table or something. 00:26:17.966-00:26:22.720
268tetsuo: That examination... Ohh! 00:26:22.846-00:26:25.556
269tetsuo: It's like they were messing around inside my head. 00:26:25.682-00:26:28.726
270tetsuo: No, I don't want to go back there again. We'll run away. 00:26:28.852-00:26:33.231
271kaori: Where would we go to? 00:26:33.357-00:26:35.400
272kaori: I don't know. Someplace. Someplace far away. 00:26:37.027-00:26:41.572
273yamagata: Self study today! 00:26:47.371-00:26:48.996
274yamagata: Where'd the teacher go to? 00:26:49.039-00:26:50.581
275yamagata: What about my burning desire to study and learn a vocation? 00:26:50.707-00:26:54.419
276yamagata: Drag his butt in here! 00:26:54.545-00:26:55.920
277kai: - Kaneda! Hurry! Your bike! 00:26:57.172-00:26:59.340
278kaneda: What about my bike? 00:26:59.341-00:27:01.050
279kai: See? Look down there! 00:27:01.718-00:27:03.261
280kaneda: Wha... Tetsuo? 00:27:05.347-00:27:07.598
281kaneda: - Is this okay? 00:27:10.352-00:27:11.727
282tetsuo: Aw, quiet! Shut up and hang on! 00:27:11.728-00:27:14.272
283tetsuo: - Huh? What the...... 00:27:25.826-00:27:26.325
284kaori: What's wrong? 00:27:26.326-00:27:28.286
285tetsuo: - Uuh! Aw, Shit! 00:27:28.412-00:27:30.037
286kaori: Ooh! 00:27:30.038-00:27:31.122
287kaori: Oops, it's...stopping... stopped...... 00:27:31.248-00:27:34.625
288tetsuo: I get it. The engine can't drop below 5,000 R.P.M.S even when you're changing the gears. 00:27:35.752-00:27:40.131
289kaori: - Ouch, my butt hurts. 00:27:40.215-00:27:41.174
290tetsuo: I understand now. 00:27:41.175-00:27:42.133
291kaori: Look, some bikes. 00:27:42.259-00:27:43.885
292tetsuo: Is that Kaneda and... Wha... No, it isn't! 00:27:45.262-00:27:49.307
293kaori: Oh, shit! Kaori! 00:27:51.018-00:27:53.978
294kaneda: Any sign of 'em? 00:27:57.774-00:27:58.649
295kai: Kuwata and the others went to go look around Kisarazu. 00:27:59.234-00:28:01.319
296kai: The only place we haven't searched now is the industrial area. 00:28:01.445-00:28:04.780
297kaneda: Okay! Let's go! 00:28:04.948-00:28:06.324
298clown3: We owe you from the other night. Now it's time for payback. 00:28:09.077-00:28:12.163
299clown4: Whoo-hoo! 00:28:18.295-00:28:19.420
300clown4: Shut up! 00:28:20.797-00:28:21.672
301tetsuo: Kaori! What happened? 00:28:24.885-00:28:27.011
302tetsuo: No, don't! 00:28:33.977-00:28:34.852
303tetsuo: If you put a single scratch on that bike, I'm gonna kill you asshole! 00:28:34.978-00:28:39.190
304clown4: Huh? 00:28:41.944-00:28:42.652
305clown4: Run! 00:28:45.155-00:28:46.197
306kaneda: After them! 00:28:46.323-00:28:48.282
307tetsuo: No, wait. 00:28:54.122-00:28:55.665
308kaneda: Tetsuo! 00:29:05.509-00:29:07.885
309kaneda: You're gonna kill him, Tetsuo! You want that? 00:29:24.027-00:29:26.487
310tetsuo: I want him more than dead! I'll split his friggin' head open! 00:29:26.613-00:29:29.490
311kaneda: Just knock it off now! 00:29:29.616-00:29:31.325
312kaneda: This whole thing happened because you took my bike for a spin. Enough already. 00:29:31.535-00:29:36.038
313tetsuo: Shut up! Don't order me around! 00:29:36.164-00:29:39.208
314kaneda: We were just worried. 00:29:39.334-00:29:41.335
315tetsuo: Why do you always have to try to save me? 00:29:41.461-00:29:44.171
316tetsuo: I could handle it on my own. 00:29:45.716-00:29:47.592
317tetsuo: I admit that I've gotten beaten before, but I won't always be on the receiving end. 00:29:47.718-00:29:53.681
318tetsuo: Do you understand? 00:29:54.224-00:29:55.766
319kaori: Tetsuo...... 00:30:00.147-00:30:01.022
320tetsuo: Shut up! Go away! 00:30:02.149-00:30:04.900
321kaneda: Hey, wait! Where're you going? 00:30:07.070-00:30:09.280
322tetsuo: Leave me alone! 00:30:10.991-00:30:11.949
323kiyoko: "Akira!" 00:30:14.828-00:30:16.579
324kaneda: Tetsuo! 00:30:19.666-00:30:21.125
325kaneda: Something wrong? 00:30:24.171-00:30:25.588
326kiyoko: "Akira!" 00:30:26.506-00:30:27.214
327tetsuo: I don't know who that is! 00:30:27.424-00:30:29.634
328kaneda: Tetsuo... What's wrong? 00:30:51.615-00:30:54.158
329docstaff: This is really strange. I'm getting a blue pattern on scope number 3. 00:30:59.956-00:31:04.335
330doctor: What? No! Retrieve the subject now! Hurry! 00:31:04.461-00:31:07.838
331kaneda: Why don't you guys just leave my friend alone? 00:31:21.645-00:31:24.188
332kaneda: What's with the getup, huh? You goin' to a funeral? 00:31:27.484-00:31:32.113
333kaneda: Tetsuo! 00:31:38.286-00:31:39.370
334kai: Kaneda! 00:31:40.122-00:31:41.122
335kaneda: Screw you! 00:31:42.499-00:31:43.874
336kaneda: No, wait! 00:31:53.343-00:31:55.177
337kai: Kaneda, what the hell's goin' on? 00:32:00.684-00:32:03.144
338kai: Well, well. I see we have some real hip youngsters... 00:32:12.863-00:32:16.741
339kai: doin' their thing in spite of the tight checkpoints they got going around tonight. 00:32:16.867-00:32:20.244
340yamagata: And that just means that they're all pretty stupid, doesn't it? 00:32:20.370-00:32:23.748
341girl2: This is boring. 00:32:26.334-00:32:28.544
342girl2: Hey, what do you say? Let's go home. 00:32:28.670-00:32:31.046
343girl3: What? But it's still early. 00:32:31.173-00:32:33.549
344girl1: Yeah, but without their bikes, they're just tail chasers outta water. 00:32:33.675-00:32:37.553
345kai: You mean "fish". 00:32:37.679-00:32:39.013
346girl1: Come on. Let's go and toss these fish back. 00:32:39.055-00:32:41.724
347kai: Hey, Kaneda. What are we gonna do? 00:32:42.476-00:32:45.561
348kai: - What the heck? 00:32:48.190-00:32:49.482
349yamagata: - Look. 00:32:49.483-00:32:50.566
350kaneda: That's...... 00:33:17.177-00:33:18.385
351kai: Here we go again. Look, let's get out of here before we get caught up in it. 00:33:18.512-00:33:21.972
352kai: - Huh? Kaneda? 00:33:22.432-00:33:25.684
353yamagata: - Hey! 00:33:25.685-00:33:26.977
354security: This area is being cordoned off due to a terrorist bombing. 00:33:28.438-00:33:32.441
355security: Those who wish to get through, line up in single file... 00:33:32.609-00:33:34.902
356security: present your I.D. and proceed through the checkpoint. 00:33:35.028-00:33:37.905
357ryu: Get in. What's wrong? Hurry. 00:33:48.708-00:33:51.168
358ryu: I'll meet you shortly. 00:33:51.294-00:33:53.420
359ryu: You know the rendezvous point, right? 00:33:53.547-00:33:55.673
360ryu: - Be careful. 00:33:57.425-00:33:57.800
361kei: - You too. You be careful. 00:33:57.801-00:34:00.678
362officer3: Hey! Hold it right there! 00:34:13.650-00:34:15.693
363officer3: She's got a gun! 00:34:17.654-00:34:19.488
364officer3: Okay, that's far enough! All right, drop it! 00:34:30.959-00:34:34.378
365officer3: Drop it! 00:34:42.304-00:34:43.304
366kei: Don't do it! 00:34:49.352-00:34:50.561
367officer4: - I think it came from over here. 00:35:04.701-00:35:06.535
368officer5: There were two shots. 00:35:06.536-00:35:07.411
369officer4: No, three. It's just up ahead! 00:35:07.537-00:35:09.246
370kaneda: Hey! Let's get out of here. Come on! 00:35:10.498-00:35:14.251
371kaneda: Kaneda! 00:36:20.568-00:36:21.652
372colonel: There. Now what's the matter? Talk about it. 00:36:47.637-00:36:51.348
373kiyoko: It was a dream that I saw. 00:36:51.474-00:36:54.351
374colonel: A dream? 00:36:54.477-00:36:56.353
375kiyoko: The city started to crumble apart, covered by a big shadow. 00:36:57.814-00:37:02.860
376kiyoko: Lots of people died. And the three of us... 00:37:02.986-00:37:06.780
377kiyoko: we get to meet Akira again. 00:37:06.906-00:37:09.158
378colonel: Wha... Akira? 00:37:09.826-00:37:10.868
379kiyoko: The city will crumble...... 00:37:11.411-00:37:13.954
380kiyoko: So many people... So many will die. 00:37:14.080-00:37:17.666
381colonel: When will it happen? Do you know when? Kiyoko! 00:37:17.792-00:37:22.379
382kiyoko: You mustn't let that boy go. 00:37:22.505-00:37:25.466
383kiyoko: His power, it...... 00:37:25.675-00:37:27.885
384colonel: - What's she talking about? 00:37:35.268-00:37:36.018
385doctor: Well, there's, uh...... 00:37:36.019-00:37:37.644
386doctor: There seems to be nothing physically wrong with her. 00:37:37.771-00:37:42.232
387doctor: Her medication looks accurate. There's no sign of any abnormalities... 00:37:42.358-00:37:45.819
388doctor: in her EKG or her EEG either. 00:37:45.945-00:37:48.238
389doctor: I think number 25's statement is probably her precognitive power at work. 00:37:48.364-00:37:54.203
390doctor: You know, this needs to be brought before the supreme council for inquiry. 00:37:54.329-00:37:58.082
391colonel: Do you believe her? 00:37:58.666-00:38:00.250
392doctor: I have no doubts regarding number 25's abilities. 00:38:00.376-00:38:03.087
393doctor: We have lots of data that substantiate it. 00:38:03.213-00:38:05.506
394doctor: What do you believe, Colonel? 00:38:05.632-00:38:08.008
395colonel: I'll tell you, my job isn't to believe or disbelieve. It's to act or not act! 00:38:08.134-00:38:13.514
396researchstaff1: Here, sir. Cold gear, Colonel. Please put it on. You too, doctor. 00:38:26.152-00:38:31.031
397doctor: The other day, a young researcher came to me and asked me something. 00:38:42.919-00:38:47.548
398doctor: He wondered if their power was the form of the next stage... 00:38:47.674-00:38:51.802
399doctor: that human evolution was taking, and perhaps we would all be able to control it some day. 00:38:52.053-00:38:56.306
400colonel: Scientists are a bunch of romantics. 00:38:56.432-00:38:59.810
401colonel: Military men, on the other hand, always consider the risks first. 00:39:00.103-00:39:03.564
402colonel: Over 30 years it's taken. 00:39:03.690-00:39:06.066
403colonel: We've come so far crawling up from the rubble. 00:39:06.192-00:39:09.736
404colonel: We can't just trade one for the other. 00:39:09.863-00:39:12.072
405colonel: But I've always thought that you held a resentment... 00:39:12.198-00:39:15.284
406colonel: even a hatred for this city, Colonel. 00:39:15.285-00:39:17.119
407colonel: The passion to build has cooled, and the joy of reconstruction forgotten. 00:39:17.287-00:39:21.623
408colonel: Now... Now it's just a garbage heap made up of a bunch of hedonistic fools. 00:39:21.916-00:39:26.086
409doctor: But in spite of that, you're trying to save the city. 00:39:26.212-00:39:30.090
410colonel: I'm not a scientist. I think like a soldier. 00:39:30.216-00:39:33.635
411researchstaff1: Colonel, we're here, sir. 00:39:37.473-00:39:39.349
412researchstaff1: This way, please. 00:39:39.475-00:39:41.351
413researchstaff1: Room 10, 148 degrees Kelvin. 00:40:01.497-00:40:04.875
414researchstaff1: Fluctuation tolerance range, check. 00:40:05.001-00:40:08.212
415researchstaff2: Room 9, 118 degrees Kelvin. 00:40:08.338-00:40:10.380
416researchstaff2: Fluctuation tolerance, check. 00:40:10.506-00:40:12.549
417researchstaff2: Emergency power generator, check. 00:40:12.675-00:40:15.010
418colonel: - Open the door. 00:40:15.637-00:40:16.470
419researchstaff3: - Sir. Um... 00:40:16.471-00:40:18.222
420colonel: - The control room. Do it! 00:40:18.348-00:40:19.681
421researchstaff3: - Yes, sir! 00:40:19.682-00:40:20.474
422researchstaff1: Room 1 is at 0.0005 degrees Kelvin. 00:40:37.617-00:40:41.912
423researchstaff1: It's within tolerance range. No abnormalities detected in any of the rooms... 00:40:42.038-00:40:45.999
424researchstaff1: dewar walls or defense system. 00:40:46.125-00:40:48.502
425researchstaff1: No abnormal atmospheric concentrations or reactions recorded. 00:40:48.628-00:40:52.422
426doctor: So then all systems are normal. 00:40:52.548-00:40:54.925
427colonel: Look at what they abandoned in their panic. 00:41:03.851-00:41:06.103
428colonel: They were afraid. They were too scared, so they hid it away from the public... 00:41:06.229-00:41:10.190
429colonel: losing all sense of shame and honor, casting aside the civilization... 00:41:10.316-00:41:14.945
430colonel: and abandoning the science that created it. 00:41:15.071-00:41:17.572
431colonel: Shutting the lid of the Pandora's box they, themselves, had opened! 00:41:17.699-00:41:22.119
432kei: - Ryu! 00:41:26.416-00:41:27.082
433kaneda: - Hey, we're still young. 00:41:27.083-00:41:29.126
434kei: - Ryu! 00:41:29.294-00:41:29.543
435kaneda: - We could start over again. 00:41:29.544-00:41:31.420
436kaneda: - I'll go with you. So what do you think, huh? 00:41:32.255-00:41:33.588
437kei: - Ryu! 00:41:33.589-00:41:34.381
438kaneda: Turn yourself in! 00:41:34.590-00:41:36.133
439kaneda: This was the first time you killed a man, right? 00:41:36.259-00:41:38.218
440kei: - Ryu! 00:41:38.261-00:41:38.927
441kaneda: !- Anyway, when you get out... 00:41:38.928-00:41:41.972
442kaneda: let's go out for drinks. Don't kick yourself over it. 00:41:42.265-00:41:46.560
443kaneda: What's done is done. You've heard that. 00:41:46.686-00:41:50.480
444spy1: Identify yourselves! 00:41:56.529-00:41:58.989
445kei: Ryu! Oh, are you all right? 00:42:00.074-00:42:02.492
446ryu: - Kei, it's you! 00:42:02.618-00:42:03.285
447kei: - Ryu! 00:42:03.286-00:42:04.661
448ryu: Who's this? 00:42:05.288-00:42:06.997
449kaneda: Who? Me? 00:42:07.457-00:42:09.333
450kaneda: Well, I guess if I say that I'm Kei's boyfriend, it's stretching it a bit. 00:42:09.459-00:42:13.420
451kaneda: It depends on your point of view. 00:42:13.463-00:42:15.172
452kaneda: But we haven't gotten physical or anything. 00:42:15.381-00:42:17.799
453kaneda: - You understand, don't you? 00:42:17.967-00:42:18.800
454spy1: - Are you a spy? 00:42:18.801-00:42:19.468
455kaneda: - No, I'm not! 00:42:19.552-00:42:20.135
456spy1: - You're lying! 00:42:20.136-00:42:21.178
457ryu: - Well, is he a spy or not? 00:42:26.142-00:42:27.809
458kei: - Whatever he is, he's certainly not a spy. 00:42:27.810-00:42:30.687
459kaneda: Ow! 00:42:31.064-00:42:32.981
460spy1: Sneak into their lab? 00:42:34.484-00:42:36.443
461spy1: Ridiculous! Remember the fiasco with that kid? 00:42:36.569-00:42:39.279
462ryu: They're last-minute orders, and the plan is in place already. 00:42:39.405-00:42:42.657
463spy2: These are the lab passes they issue once a week. 00:42:45.995-00:42:48.372
464spy1: From Mr. Nezu, right? 00:42:48.498-00:42:50.624
465kei: What's the objective? 00:42:50.750-00:42:52.626
466ryu: We're to gather detailed data on the new subject. 00:42:52.752-00:42:55.045
467spy2: - A new subject? 00:42:55.171-00:42:56.922
468ryu: - Yes. 00:42:56.923-00:42:58.048
469ryu: Last week, on the same night we tried to abduct the experimental subject called number 26... 00:42:58.174-00:43:03.053
470ryu: a boy who was in an accident on an old city highway was brought to the lab. 00:43:03.179-00:43:07.891
471ryu: It seems that he's a student at a vocational training school... 00:43:08.017-00:43:10.852
472ryu: but now he's their new subject for human experimentation. 00:43:10.978-00:43:14.147
473spy2: Huh? 00:43:14.273-00:43:15.357
474kaneda: Ow, ouch!! 00:43:18.277-00:43:20.570
475kaneda: Hey, hey, hey! What's the big idea? 00:43:20.696-00:43:23.490
476kei: You! 00:43:23.616-00:43:24.699
477spy1: - Should I kill him? He heard us. 00:43:24.700-00:43:26.284
478kei: - Ryu? 00:43:26.285-00:43:26.993
479kaneda: Wait! Now just hold on a minute! Hear me out. Please listen to me! 00:43:27.120-00:43:30.997
480kei: Ryu, he did save me. 00:43:31.124-00:43:32.416
481kaneda: - Yeah! Twice! 00:43:32.542-00:43:33.542
482ryu: - Maybe he did it just to get close to us. 00:43:33.543-00:43:35.502
483kaneda: The guy who was in that accident in the old city is my friend. 00:43:35.628-00:43:39.005
484kaneda: I know it's hard for you to believe what I'm saying, but it's the truth. 00:43:39.132-00:43:42.259
485kaneda: I was right there when it happened! 00:43:42.385-00:43:44.344
486kaneda: Come on! Don't they say the only foolish questions are unasked ones? 00:43:45.388-00:43:49.266
487kaneda: They don't? 00:43:50.435-00:43:51.726
488nezu: That's an intriguing story, isn't it? 00:43:53.521-00:43:56.606
489nezu: Well, will you be taking the boy with you? 00:43:56.732-00:43:59.568
490ryu: He knows the subject and I think we can use him as a decoy if we find it necessary. 00:43:59.694-00:44:03.697
491nezu: Neo Tokyo is going to change soon. 00:44:03.823-00:44:07.284
492nezu: In all respects, this city is saturated. 00:44:08.161-00:44:11.121
493nezu: It's like an overripe fruit. 00:44:11.247-00:44:13.290
494nezu: Buried within it is a new seed. 00:44:13.416-00:44:15.959
495nezu: We need only wait for the wind which will make it fall to fruition...... 00:44:16.210-00:44:19.880
496nezu: The wind called "Akira". 00:44:20.214-00:44:22.299
497nezu: Ryu, look over here. 00:44:23.593-00:44:25.760
498ryu: What is it? 00:44:27.096-00:44:28.263
499nezu: We aren't the ones who will change it... 00:44:28.347-00:44:30.724
500nezu: but rather, those citizens who hope for Akira that will. 00:44:30.933-00:44:33.894
501miyako: That which is called science perverts providence! 00:44:35.271-00:44:38.648
502miyako: That which is called progress encourages extravagance! 00:44:38.774-00:44:41.568
503miyako: That which is called civilization devastates the spirit of man! 00:44:41.694-00:44:45.155
504miyako: The time of atonement is upon us! Are your hearts prepared? 00:44:45.281-00:44:48.909
505miyako: The time is nigh! The time of his awakening is nigh! 00:44:49.118-00:44:53.497
506miyako: The moment of lord Akira's awakening is drawing closer! 00:44:53.623-00:44:56.833
507miyako: - Are your minds prepared? 00:44:56.959-00:44:58.043
508protestpolice: - Break it up! 00:44:58.044-00:45:00.128
509protestpolice: Holding meetings here is prohibited. 00:45:00.129-00:45:02.422
510protestpolice: This gathering is illegal! 00:45:02.465-00:45:04.508
511council1: Terrorist activities carried out by antigovernment elements... 00:45:05.468-00:45:09.429
512council1: have skyrocketed this month. 00:45:09.555-00:45:11.181
513council1: The army, riot squad and even the traffic police have been fully mobilized. 00:45:11.474-00:45:15.769
514council1: The overtime costs alone have used up the public safety budget. 00:45:15.895-00:45:18.855
515council2: And then there's the abduction of number 26. 00:45:18.981-00:45:21.191
516council2: Isn't their existence supposed to be the highest of state secrets, Colonel? 00:45:21.317-00:45:24.528
517council2: No one's ever heard of peace and order in Neo Tokyo then? 00:45:24.654-00:45:28.031
518headcouncil: And this, this request of yours for further... Ah, yes... 00:45:28.157-00:45:32.035
519headcouncil: for further funding because of subject number 25's prediction. 00:45:32.161-00:45:36.790
520council3: You must be joking! While straightening out the historic tax-reform blunders... 00:45:36.958-00:45:41.211
521council3: of our former Prime Minister, we parliament members have been bowing our heads down... -
522council3: and begging the public to bear with us. 00:45:44.507-00:45:46.716
523council3: And what does he ask for? Money! Where, exactly, do we get that kind of money? 00:45:46.842-00:45:51.888
524council4: You've already spent a fortune here... 00:45:52.181-00:45:53.723
525council4: and all we have to show for it is that grotesque kindergarten! 00:45:53.849-00:45:56.560
526council2: The Olympics is next year, and the postwar period is over. 00:45:56.852-00:45:59.354
527council2: How much longer will you keep throwing away money on these worthless ghosts? 00:45:59.480-00:46:02.983
528council5: I always said we should put that money into the welfare program! 00:46:03.109-00:46:06.528
529council6: Shut up, old man! 00:46:06.612-00:46:07.696
530council5: What was that? 00:46:07.697-00:46:08.530
531colonel: Now listen here! That power is starting to walk around free as we speak. 00:46:08.614-00:46:12.158
532colonel: Unless we control that power now, we'll lose everything we tried so hard to achieve. 00:46:12.285-00:46:17.080
533council6 #council5: - Take that "old man" comment back! - Your lack of policy started this mess! 00:46:17.206-00:46:20.917
534council7: There's still no proof that the last world war was caused by Akira, in my opinion. 00:46:21.127-00:46:25.380
535colonel: Don't you understand? 00:46:25.548-00:46:26.923
536colonel: Unless an Akira disaster actually happens... Don't you people understand anything? 00:46:27.008-00:46:31.428
537council2: Has anyone ever seen the "Akira"...? 00:46:31.887-00:46:34.347
538council7: Akira was number 25, wasn't he? 00:46:34.515-00:46:36.766
539council4: He should be number 21. 00:46:36.976-00:46:38.518
540council3: I say that the colonel has lost sight of his duty as a soldier! 00:46:38.728-00:46:41.771
541council8: And I have had several reports on antigovernment elements... 00:46:42.982-00:46:47.110
542council8: how they're using your Akira madness to whip up their terrorist fervor. 00:46:47.236-00:46:51.239
543colonel: It's not true. It's just not! 00:46:51.324-00:46:52.949
544council8: Then what about that Akira world renewal movement? 00:46:53.409-00:46:55.577
545council8: Wouldn't you say that information's being leaked? 00:46:55.828-00:46:57.704
546headcouncil: World renewal movement? It's more like the end of the world. 00:46:57.913-00:47:01.124
547council8: Aren't you just using Akira as camouflage to cover up your misconduct? Admit it! 00:47:01.417-00:47:05.253
548colonel: What are you getting at? 00:47:05.421-00:47:06.963
549headcouncil: Colonel...... 00:47:07.173-00:47:08.548
550headcouncil: Understand that we can no longer leave the peace of Neo Tokyo to your sole discretion. 00:47:08.841-00:47:15.805
551council3: Get rid of him! 00:47:15.931-00:47:16.973
552headcouncil: I'm sorry, but you are to be put before an inquiry committee. 00:47:17.016-00:47:20.310
553council5: He should be suspended! 00:47:20.436-00:47:21.645
554colonel: Excuse me! 00:47:25.441-00:47:26.441
555council3: What? 00:47:26.776-00:47:27.776
556council8: This discussion isn't over! 00:47:28.611-00:47:30.445
557council6: - This is an outrage! 00:47:30.613-00:47:31.696
558council8: - You should explain yourself! 00:47:31.697-00:47:33.448
559council2: Are you trying to insult the supreme executive council? 00:47:33.616-00:47:35.992
560tetsuo: Water. 00:48:01.310-00:48:02.477
561labsecurity1: Hey. Wait a minute. 00:48:35.636-00:48:37.512
562labsecurity1: Let's see. Isn't that cable replacement due for next week? 00:48:37.805-00:48:41.224
563spy2: Well, the cable they ordered came in a whole week early. 00:48:41.517-00:48:44.978
564spy2: And besides, I've got vacation time coming, and I'm leaving this weekend. 00:48:45.104-00:48:49.232
565spy2: If I bring the workers back, there'll be overtime. 00:48:49.358-00:48:52.026
566spy2: I could leave now and come back, but the work's gotta be done sooner or later. 00:48:52.361-00:48:56.823
567spy2: All right, guys. Let's go. 00:49:02.037-00:49:03.997
568tetsuo: What the...! 00:50:34.296-00:50:35.338
569tetsuo: It's milk. 00:51:05.452-00:51:07.287
570tetsuo: Stay away! 00:51:14.962-00:51:15.962
571takashi #kiyoko: - Whaa! - Whoa! 00:51:21.844-00:51:23.720
572takashi: - It's blood! 00:51:29.351-00:51:30.184
573kiyoko: -I'm scared. 00:51:30.185-00:51:32.145
574kiyoko: Weirdo! 00:51:40.321-00:51:41.529
575tetsuo: What? Those kids...... 00:51:41.697-00:51:44.240
576labassistant: "Patient, Room 887. Shima, Tetsuo." 00:52:40.089-00:52:43.299
577labassistant: Oh. The automatic lock's off? 00:52:43.425-00:52:45.885
578labassistant: Hey, you! You're not allowed to leave your room! 00:52:51.016-00:52:54.060
579labassistant: Let's go back into your room. 00:52:59.233-00:53:00.817
580nurseguard1: - What happened? 00:53:00.943-00:53:02.193
581nurseguard2: - Looks terrible. 00:53:02.194-00:53:03.778
582spy2: There are 58 blocks with circuits that the computer won't display. 00:53:25.968-00:53:30.179
583spy2: Of those, nearly 40 are concentrated on underground levels 7 and 8. 00:53:30.305-00:53:34.183
584spy2: That's probably the place. 00:53:34.309-00:53:36.019
585spy2: The central wiring shaft should be straight up ahead. 00:53:38.147-00:53:41.024
586spy2: We'll be able to use that to go straight down to the sublevels. 00:53:41.483-00:53:44.193
587ryu: Be careful. It's deeper in the middle. 00:53:45.320-00:53:48.489
588kaneda: Whew. What a stink. 00:53:48.741-00:53:50.158
589kei: Don't you ever stop talking? 00:53:50.159-00:53:51.367
590kaneda: I said it stinks because it stinks. Is your nose busted? 00:53:51.452-00:53:55.371
591kei: Keep up and be quiet! 00:53:55.497-00:53:57.123
592ryu: Damn! Hug the walls! 00:53:58.333-00:54:00.543
593kaneda: Huh? What are you guys doing? 00:54:00.669-00:54:02.879
594spy1: You idiot, get down! 00:54:03.005-00:54:05.298
595ryu: Looks like they beefed up security, doesn't it? 00:54:20.355-00:54:22.231
596spy1: - Must be that siren we heard. 00:54:22.357-00:54:23.608
597spy2: - Should we scout a way around it? 00:54:23.609-00:54:25.318
598ryu: - No. Let's keep going. 00:54:25.527-00:54:26.944
599kei: - Hey. Are you okay? 00:54:26.945-00:54:28.071
600ryu: I want to check their security at the very least. 00:54:28.155-00:54:31.157
601ryu: Damn! They spotted us! Run for it! 00:54:31.700-00:54:33.826
602spy1: Don't shoot! Hold your fire! 00:54:35.871-00:54:37.997
603spy1: Shimazaki! 00:54:41.543-00:54:43.419
604spy1: - You assholes! 00:54:43.879-00:54:45.505
605ryu: - Forget it! Run! 00:54:45.506-00:54:47.173
606kaneda: What the hell is that thing? 00:54:50.552-00:54:52.261
607ryu: It's coming back! 00:54:54.056-00:54:55.056
608ryu: Don't shoot! 00:54:56.016-00:54:57.391
609sewerpilot1: This is unit 304, Shaft "H". 00:55:05.400-00:55:07.443
610sewerpilot1: I have encountered intruders. Requesting backup. Now engaging. 00:55:07.569-00:55:10.947
611kaneda: Here it comes! 00:55:12.074-00:55:13.783
612kaneda: Oh! Kei! 00:55:38.684-00:55:40.393
613kei: The gun! 00:55:42.771-00:55:44.897
614kaneda: Damn it! 00:55:45.274-00:55:46.899
615kei: Kaneda! 00:55:49.444-00:55:50.820
616ryu: Kei! Over here! 00:56:00.789-00:56:02.832
617ryu: Now! 00:56:03.792-00:56:05.168
618kei: Kaneda, come on! Hurry! 00:56:06.879-00:56:09.088
619kei: Kaneda, no! 00:56:23.979-00:56:25.271
620kaneda: What the hell... Where are the brakes? 00:56:38.619-00:56:40.620
621kaneda: - That's not it. 00:56:40.746-00:56:42.413
622kei: - This is the central wiring shaft, I think. 00:56:42.414-00:56:44.624
623kaneda: - I can't figure it out! 00:56:44.750-00:56:45.666
624kei: - What the...... 00:56:45.667-00:56:46.626
625kaneda: There now. That's right. Behave. 00:56:52.341-00:56:54.550
626radiorelay: Ask the colonel for clearance on the use of firearms. 00:56:54.801-00:56:57.345
627kei: Hey. Turn the radio up. 00:56:57.471-00:56:59.222
628radio1: There must be some mistake here. 00:56:59.348-00:57:00.973
629radio1: That boy looks like the patient admitted in the lab. 00:57:01.016-00:57:03.893
630radiorelay: Correct. Tetsuo Shima. He broke out of his ward. 00:57:04.019-00:57:07.063
631radiorelay: - He's headed for "the baby room". 00:57:07.189-00:57:09.190
632kaneda: -It's Tetsuo? 00:57:09.191-00:57:10.399
633radiorelay: He's extremely dangerous. Do not let him through! 00:57:10.525-00:57:15.821
634labswat: Huh? What...? 00:57:43.225-00:57:45.226
635tetsuo: It's no use hiding anymore. 00:57:52.567-00:57:54.443
636labswat: We have no choice, then. Use your guns! 00:57:54.820-00:57:56.946
637labswat: We can't let him go any further, no matter what it takes! 00:57:57.072-00:58:00.449
638labswat: Fire! 00:58:01.243-00:58:02.285
639tetsuo: Good. All here, are you? 00:58:41.950-00:58:44.160
640tetsuo: Stop it! 00:58:49.958-00:58:51.125
641tetsuo: So how long are you gonna keep playing around? 00:58:53.628-00:58:56.005
642tetsuo: Where's the other one hiding, huh? 00:59:03.221-00:59:04.847
643masaru: Hey, you! You're a cretin! 00:59:06.141-00:59:07.641
644tetsuo: Huh? 00:59:07.809-00:59:08.642
645masaru: Die! 00:59:08.977-00:59:10.353
646masaru: Takashi! 00:59:13.231-00:59:14.690
647tetsuo: What the hell is going on with me? Am I dreaming? 00:59:24.826-00:59:29.830
648tetsuo: These powers, are they real or just a hallucination? 00:59:30.165-00:59:33.209
649kaneda: Damn it! Where the hell am I going? 00:59:40.842-00:59:42.885
650kei: Proceed straight. Proceed straight ahead. 00:59:43.095-00:59:46.389
651kaneda: Huh? 00:59:46.932-00:59:47.807
652kei: You'll find a freight elevator just ahead. 00:59:47.849-00:59:49.892
653kei #kiyoko: You can take it down to sublevel 8. 00:59:52.187-00:59:54.980
654tetsuo: That's good. You're all together. 01:00:03.198-01:00:05.866
655tetsuo: You thought you could kill me? 01:00:07.202-01:00:08.744
656tetsuo: I'm through with it. 01:00:09.037-01:00:10.746
657tetsuo: You tried to mess with me, and now I'm gonna kill you! 01:00:10.872-01:00:14.750
658tetsuo: Huh? 01:00:15.127-01:00:16.252
659tetsuo: You were there. I remember. 01:00:20.882-01:00:22.925
660masaru: Takashi! 01:00:23.301-01:00:24.093
661takashi: - Huh? 01:00:24.219-01:00:24.718
662masaru: - Together, let's attack him. 01:00:24.719-01:00:26.262
663takashi: O...Okay. 01:00:26.847-01:00:27.847
664tetsuo: You little twerps! 01:00:33.061-01:00:35.020
665colonel: All of you, that is enough! 01:00:51.079-01:00:53.038
666tetsuo: Who the hell are you? 01:01:01.590-01:01:03.716
667doctor: What's the matter? Is your head hurting? 01:01:06.761-01:01:09.472
668doctor: Tetsuo Shima, your power isn't fully matured yet. 01:01:09.598-01:01:12.475
669doctor: If you push yourself, you might do irreparable damage. We can help. 01:01:12.559-01:01:16.437
670tetsuo: What the hell? What...did you people do? 01:01:16.688-01:01:20.316
671tetsuo: You messed with my head! 01:01:20.442-01:01:21.817
672colonel: Tetsuo Shima, calm yourself. 01:01:30.202-01:01:32.119
673doctor: But he can't control it, sir. 01:01:32.245-01:01:34.163
674tetsuo: What'd you say? 01:01:39.544-01:01:40.628
675masaru: She said that big people like you... 01:01:40.795-01:01:43.005
676masaru: should never use the power in the way that you are. 01:01:43.131-01:01:45.841
677takashi: And bad things will come of it. 01:01:45.967-01:01:47.843
678tetsuo: Mind your own business, will you? 01:01:48.261-01:01:50.638
679tetsuo: What? More powerful than I am now? 01:01:53.391-01:01:56.685
680tetsuo: He's the one! He's the one who's been invading my head all along! 01:01:59.314-01:02:03.859
681tetsuo: Where is he? 01:02:04.152-01:02:05.110
682tetsuo: Where's this "Akira"? Tell me now! 01:02:05.237-01:02:07.154
683colonel: What? 01:02:07.322-01:02:07.947
684takashi: Kiyoko says you'll wake him up and if you awaken Akira like that... 01:02:08.073-01:02:12.034
685takashi: when that happens, no one will be able to stop him. -
686takashi: To prevent it, we have to stop you. -
687colonel: Ridiculous. Akira's already...! 01:02:17.082-01:02:18.999
688tetsuo: Where is he? 01:02:19.000-01:02:21.043
689colonel: - No! Don't! 01:02:23.296-01:02:24.338
690tetsuo: - Stay back! 01:02:24.339-01:02:25.464
691buildannounce: Red level to facility integrity has passed level 7. 01:02:31.429-01:02:35.224
692buildannounce: Enacting disaster protocol. 01:02:35.350-01:02:38.227
693buildannounce: Red level to facility integrity has passed level 7. 01:02:39.437-01:02:42.856
694buildannounce: Enacting disaster protocol. 01:02:43.024-01:02:45.901
695labsoldier1: Wha...?! 01:02:46.486-01:02:47.570
696kaneda: Hands up! Now! 01:02:54.869-01:02:56.870
697kaneda: Where in the hell's the friggin' baby room? 01:02:59.499-01:03:01.584
698kaneda: Heads up! 01:03:20.562-01:03:22.855
699kaneda: Coming through! 01:03:22.981-01:03:24.857
700masaru: Kiyoko. 01:03:26.234-01:03:27.776
701kaneda: That hurt. 01:03:48.256-01:03:49.548
702tetsuo: Kaneda. 01:03:49.758-01:03:50.633
703tetsuo: What are you doing in here? 01:03:51.009-01:03:53.135
704kaneda: Tetsuo! You okay? I'm here to rescue you. 01:03:55.930-01:03:58.807
705kaneda: Hurry up! What are you, stupid? 01:04:01.394-01:04:03.228
706kaneda: If we don't get out of here, those... 01:04:03.355-01:04:05.397
707kaneda: Huh? 01:04:06.107-01:04:07.149
708labsoldiers: There he is! Capture him! 01:04:07.359-01:04:09.818
709tetsuo: You keep away! 01:04:11.446-01:04:13.614
710kei: Kaneda! 01:04:18.286-01:04:19.453
711tetsuo: Oh, that's right. I forgot you were there. 01:04:21.873-01:04:24.333
712tetsuo: There. Do you see, Kaneda? 01:04:26.461-01:04:28.420
713tetsuo: I won't be needing you to come to the rescue ever again, okay? 01:04:28.546-01:04:32.299
714tetsuo: From now on, I'll be in charge of the heroics... 01:04:33.134-01:04:36.011
715tetsuo: so if you need any saving, just ask, Kanny. 01:04:36.221-01:04:39.306
716kaneda: Damn it, Tetsuo. Who the hell do you think you're talking to, you moron? 01:04:39.557-01:04:43.852
717tetsuo: Ha! You don't like what you're hearing, do you? 01:04:44.813-01:04:48.023
718tetsuo: Makes you angry. So what are you gonna do now? 01:04:48.149-01:04:51.360
719tetsuo: Well, Kaneda? What are you gonna do now? -
720kiyoko: That's enough! 01:05:04.666-01:05:06.375
721kiyoko: Stop it! Don't hurt anyone else! 01:05:07.001-01:05:09.878
722tetsuo: Where's this Akira? 01:05:11.423-01:05:13.382
723kiyoko: I won't tell. 01:05:14.175-01:05:15.050
724tetsuo: Olympic stadium... Underground. 01:05:16.344-01:05:19.054
725kiyoko: No! Don't! What you're thinking is wrong! Akira is...... 01:05:19.514-01:05:22.558
726kiyoko: Oh! Wait! 01:05:24.602-01:05:25.811
727tetsuo: What the hell? 01:05:35.905-01:05:36.947
728tetsuo: I can do this too? 01:05:37.782-01:05:40.367
729masaru: Kiyoko, are you all right? 01:05:46.541-01:05:48.542
730takashi: It doesn't look like she's hurt. 01:05:48.793-01:05:50.377
731kiyoko: What about you, Masaru? You're bleeding. 01:05:50.545-01:05:53.380
732masaru: Where'd he go to? 01:05:53.381-01:05:54.882
733kiyoko: He flew away. 01:05:55.800-01:05:56.842
734masaru: How can he have so much power? 01:05:56.885-01:05:59.011
735colonel: How could this have happened? 01:06:01.473-01:06:03.265
736colonel: Damn it! Where are my men at? 01:06:03.391-01:06:05.350
737doctor: He's developed so much power in such a short time, it's unbelievable. 01:06:05.477-01:06:09.021
738colonel: Find him! Start searching for Tetsuo. 01:06:09.397-01:06:11.523
739labsoldiers: - Find him! 01:06:11.816-01:06:12.149
740kei: - Kaneda, come on! Get up! 01:06:12.150-01:06:14.276
741woundedsoldier: Somebody, help me with this rock. 01:06:15.236-01:06:17.446
742kiyoko: - Tetsuo went to where Akira is. 01:06:20.074-01:06:21.575
743colonel: - What? 01:06:21.576-01:06:22.284
colonel: That's good. You're all safe. -
745kiyoko: He's heading for the facility below the Olympic construction site. 01:06:25.914-01:06:29.625
746colonel: How'd he find out about it? 01:06:29.751-01:06:31.794
747colonel: Damn it! You're saying that he's managed to escape? 01:06:35.590-01:06:38.884
748colonel: Then we'll follow him. Prepare for pursuit! 01:06:42.388-01:06:44.973
749colonel: - He's heading west toward the stadium. 01:06:45.183-01:06:46.266
750colonel: - He's heading west toward the stadium. - Come on! Move! 01:06:46.267-01:06:48.310
751colonel: I want additional checkpoints on all outbound streets leading to the construction site. 01:06:48.353-01:06:51.647
752kei: It was you. 01:06:52.190-01:06:53.816
753armysarge: According to the security team... 01:07:00.198-01:07:02.074
754armysarge: reviews of tapes showed five intruders disguised as workers... 01:07:02.200-01:07:04.827
755armysarge: entering the wiring shaft. -
756colonel: I have to stop him before his powers mature. 01:07:06.788-01:07:09.832
757colonel: Your objective is the boy, Tetsuo Shima. 01:07:12.210-01:07:13.961
758colonel: If we are unable to capture him, we'll lure him out to the old city and attack. 01:07:14.212-01:07:18.257
759colonel: Request assistance from the Eastern district battalion. 01:07:18.383-01:07:20.759
760soldier4: - Yes, sir. 01:07:20.885-01:07:21.468
761colonel: - Tell them there isn't a moment to lose here. 01:07:21.469-01:07:23.971
762arrestofficer: I've been waiting here a long time, Colonel. -
763armysarge: What are you doing here? 01:07:29.269-01:07:31.436
764arrestofficer: I'm here to inform you of the supreme executive council's decision. 01:07:32.647-01:07:36.859
765arrestofficer: "At 2400 hours today, the colonel is hereby..." 01:07:38.611-01:07:41.154
766arrestofficer: "stripped of his command and rank..." 01:07:41.281-01:07:43.156
767arrestofficer: "and shall be placed under arrest." 01:07:43.283-01:07:45.200
768armysarge: What the hell? 01:07:45.493-01:07:47.202
769arrestofficer: Kindly accompany us now. 01:07:47.495-01:07:49.830
770colonel: You really expect me to hand Neo Tokyo over to those fools at a time like this? 01:07:50.081-01:07:54.877
771colonel: - Shoot him. 01:07:56.462-01:07:57.504
772armysarge: - Yes, sir. 01:07:57.505-01:07:58.338
773arrestofficer: What? No! Wait! Hold on! No! 01:07:58.631-01:08:01.717
774colonel: Enough! Open your eyes and look at the big picture! 01:08:03.678-01:08:07.180
775colonel: You're all puppets of corrupt politicians and capitalists! 01:08:07.307-01:08:09.892
776colonel: Don't you understand? It's utterly pointless to fight each other. 01:08:14.814-01:08:18.233
777colonel: Announce a state of emergency, and arrest all members of the executive council. 01:08:22.530-01:08:27.075
778colonel: Break their chain of command. 01:08:27.201-01:08:29.202
779colonel: Lift off! We're going after Tetsuo. 01:08:29.329-01:08:31.413
780helisoldier: Urgent message. Repeat, urgent. 01:08:31.706-01:08:33.415
781helisoldier: To all district battalion commanders. 01:08:33.541-01:08:35.417
782bartend: Yo! What's up? You're alone? 01:08:45.386-01:08:49.097
783bartend: That's right. Weren't you in an accident? 01:08:51.059-01:08:53.936
784bartend: Your friends have been really worried. You okay? 01:08:54.062-01:08:56.939
785tetsuo: Give me some...capsules. 01:08:57.231-01:08:59.691
786bartend: Huh? You sure you want capsules, son? 01:09:00.026-01:09:02.736
787bartend: You look kinda woozy. 01:09:02.862-01:09:04.780
788tetsuo: You better get 'em now. 01:09:05.073-01:09:06.782
789bartend: All right. 01:09:07.241-01:09:08.116
790bartend: Whatever the customer wants, you know, but with all those terrorist attacks lately... 01:09:08.242-01:09:11.954
791bartend: and the demonstrations, things are pretty rough. 01:09:12.080-01:09:14.581
792bartend: In fact, they're hard to come by, so the price is pretty expensive, right? 01:09:14.832-01:09:18.877
793yamagata: Tetsuo's run off somewhere, Kaneda's disappeared. 01:09:25.093-01:09:28.136
794yamagata: Damn, I guess the team is finished. -
795kai: And the checkpoints are so strict these days. 01:09:29.931-01:09:32.599
796kai: Even the Clowns are laying low. 01:09:32.767-01:09:34.977
797kai: Look! 01:09:44.070-01:09:45.195
798kai: He's dead! 01:09:49.283-01:09:50.659
799yamagata: What? 01:09:50.743-01:09:51.576
800kai: Who's that? 01:09:53.371-01:09:55.247
801yamagata: It's Tetsuo. 01:10:01.129-01:10:02.254
802kai: Why... Why are you here? 01:10:02.380-01:10:06.091
803tetsuo: Look who's here. Wanna pop one? 01:10:06.968-01:10:09.594
804yamagata: What the hell are you talking about? 01:10:09.971-01:10:11.596
805yamagata: What happened here? -
806yamagata: Did you notice that the owner's dead? 01:10:13.725-01:10:15.851
807tetsuo: An octopus out of water dies, huh? 01:10:19.230-01:10:22.024
808yamagata: Are you...Tetsuo... 01:10:22.316-01:10:24.943
809yamagata: - or someone else? 01:10:25.069-01:10:26.486
810kai: - Huh? 01:10:26.487-01:10:27.195
811tetsuo: Kaneda sends his warmest regards. 01:10:28.322-01:10:30.365
812yamagata: You saw Kaneda? 01:10:30.491-01:10:32.200
813tetsuo: He's probably dead by now. 01:10:32.452-01:10:34.453
814yamagata: You did this, didn't you? 01:10:37.498-01:10:41.376
815tetsuo: All you're good for now is telling me where Kaneda's bike is. 01:10:41.502-01:10:45.881
816yamagata: Tetsuo! 01:10:46.007-01:10:47.549
817tetsuo: It's a piece of shit anyway. 01:10:47.675-01:10:50.218
818yamagata: You son of a bitch! 01:10:50.344-01:10:52.387
819kai: Yamagata! 01:10:57.518-01:10:58.685
820yamagata: Goddamn it! 01:11:05.318-01:11:07.736
821kaneda: So is he off to find Akira? 01:11:14.535-01:11:16.328
822kei: Yes, that's what that girl was saying. 01:11:16.496-01:11:18.413
823kaneda: Now, the army, Ryu and yourself... 01:11:18.706-01:11:20.665
824kaneda: are all trying at once to find this Akira guy... 01:11:20.792-01:11:23.001
825kaneda: and that's also why you're chasing after Tetsuo. 01:11:23.127-01:11:25.253
826kaneda: It must have to do with the powers he's got. 01:11:25.505-01:11:28.381
827kaneda: What the hell is this Akira thing? 01:11:28.508-01:11:31.510
828kei: I asked Ryu one time. 01:11:34.222-01:11:36.598
829kei: He told me that Akira is ultimate energy. 01:11:36.724-01:11:39.851
830kaneda: "Ultimate energy"? 01:11:40.019-01:11:41.770
831kei: Humans do all kinds of things during their lifetime, right? 01:11:41.896-01:11:45.941
832kei: Discover things...... 01:11:46.067-01:11:48.110
833kei: Build things...... 01:11:48.236-01:11:50.695
834kei: Things like houses, motorcycles... 01:11:50.822-01:11:53.115
835kei: bridges and cities, rockets...... 01:11:54.200-01:11:57.452
836kei: So where do you suppose all that knowledge and energy comes from? 01:11:58.246-01:12:01.456
837kei: Humans were once like monkeys, right? 01:12:03.709-01:12:06.461
838kei: And before that, like reptiles... 01:12:07.171-01:12:09.131
839kei: and fish... 01:12:09.257-01:12:10.882
840kei: and even before that, plankton and amoebas. 01:12:10.925-01:12:14.469
841kei: Even little creatures like those have incredible amount of energy inside them. 01:12:14.595-01:12:18.974
842kaneda: Oh, yes... It's in the genes, right? 01:12:19.392-01:12:22.644
843kei: And even before that. 01:12:23.020-01:12:24.646
844kei: Maybe there was genetic material in the air and water... 01:12:24.772-01:12:27.983
845kei: even in the particles of dust in space. 01:12:28.109-01:12:29.985
846kei: And if that's the truth, then what sort of memories are hidden within them? 01:12:30.403-01:12:34.739
847kei: The beginning of the universe? Or maybe even before that. 01:12:34.949-01:12:38.827
848kaneda: What's with all the crazy talk? Are you sure you're okay? 01:12:38.953-01:12:42.831
849kaneda: Listen to yourself. Did you get bonked on the head back there? 01:12:42.957-01:12:45.292
850kei: And what if everyone shares those ancient memories? 01:12:45.585-01:12:48.837
851kei: What if there were some mistakes in the progression? 01:12:49.130-01:12:52.132
852kei: Then something goes wrong, like an amoeba is suddenly given... 01:12:52.258-01:12:54.801
853kei: the higher powers that a human has. 01:12:54.927-01:12:57.012
854kaneda: Akira is an amoeba then? 01:12:58.556-01:13:00.307
855kei: Amoebas don't build their own houses and bridges, do they? 01:13:01.309-01:13:04.019
856kei: They just devour all the food they can find around them. 01:13:04.395-01:13:07.105
857kaneda: Is that what Tetsuo's doing? 01:13:07.315-01:13:09.482
858kaneda: Are you saying he has that kind of energy? 01:13:09.609-01:13:11.610
859kei #kiyoko: Long ago... 01:13:11.986-01:13:13.695
860kei #kiyoko: there were people who tried to gain control of that power. 01:13:13.821-01:13:16.990
861kei #kiyoko: That is, all of the government's requests. 01:13:17.116-01:13:19.159
862kei #kiyoko: But they failed in their attempt, and it triggered the fall of Tokyo. 01:13:19.327-01:13:23.663
863kei #kiyoko: And that power is... 01:13:24.749-01:13:26.625
864kei #kiyoko: something that is totally beyond our...... 01:13:26.751-01:13:28.710
865kaneda: Wha...! 01:13:30.671-01:13:31.630
866kei: The door's unlocked. 01:13:32.506-01:13:33.673
867kaneda: Huh? 01:13:37.511-01:13:38.637
868kaneda: It's a trap. This is just too good of a setup. 01:13:43.935-01:13:47.187
869kei: - Go back, then. 01:13:47.313-01:13:48.188
870kaneda: - No way. -
871kaneda: I wanna find out how much of a trap it is, don't you? 01:13:49.315-01:13:51.816
872kaneda: By the way... 01:13:53.778-01:13:55.737
873kaneda: what's going on with you and that Ryu guy? 01:13:55.863-01:13:58.573
874kei: What in the world are you talking about? 01:13:58.699-01:14:00.367
875kaneda: - You're always together. 01:14:00.534-01:14:01.493
876kei: - That's none of your business. 01:14:01.494-01:14:03.161
877kaneda: No, wait. Hear me out. 01:14:04.497-01:14:06.081
878kaneda: What I'm saying is, he doesn't know about us, does he? 01:14:06.290-01:14:09.167
879kei: "About us"? Hey, wait a minute. What's that supposed to mean? 01:14:09.377-01:14:13.505
880masaru: - Do you think it'll work? 01:14:13.673-01:14:15.215
881takashi: - It can't be helped. 01:14:15.216-01:14:17.008
882takashi: At this point in time, our only option left is to use her. 01:14:17.134-01:14:21.388
883kiyoko: Well, the fact that, without us even looking... 01:14:21.514-01:14:23.598
884kiyoko: she turned up right under our noses, says as much. 01:14:23.724-01:14:26.268
885kiyoko: - What do you think? 01:14:26.394-01:14:28.395
886masaru: - I guess so. 01:14:28.396-01:14:29.562
887tankcommand1: We have arrived at ward 13, East Ginza intersection. Over. 01:14:43.911-01:14:47.789
888helisoldier: Northern district battalion has not responded to mobilization request! 01:14:47.915-01:14:50.542
889searchcommand: Special search team to H.Q. Special search team to H.Q. 01:14:51.419-01:14:53.962
890searchcommand: We're at the Harukiya bar near the highway interchange at ward 8. 01:14:54.255-01:14:57.549
891searchcommand: It doesn't look like a bomb explosion to us, so we think it was him. 01:14:57.717-01:15:01.469
892searchcommand: No, sir, it wasn't a gas explosion either. 01:15:01.595-01:15:04.055
893searchcommand: It was almost certainly the work of the subject that escaped from the lab. 01:15:04.348-01:15:07.475
894searchcommand: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Understood. 01:15:08.436-01:15:10.312
895kai: Kaneda, wait! 01:15:16.569-01:15:18.820
896kaneda: What? Yamagata's dead? 01:15:19.947-01:15:22.324
897kai: Something seemed strange about him the second I saw his face. 01:15:22.575-01:15:25.452
898kai: It's odd. He was wearing what looked like a white hospital gown. 01:15:25.578-01:15:28.163
899kai: He acted like a different person. 01:15:28.289-01:15:30.332
900kai: Yamagata asked him if he was really Tetsuo... 01:15:31.792-01:15:34.336
901kai: or if he was someone else. 01:15:34.378-01:15:35.920
902kai: And then he... Yamagata! Why? 01:15:36.380-01:15:40.842
903kaneda: We've always been together. 01:15:43.888-01:15:46.014
904kaneda: I've known everything about him ever... 01:15:46.140-01:15:48.183
905kaneda: ever since we were in the children's home together. 01:15:50.311-01:15:52.854
906kaneda: They tease... Everybody tried to make him cry. 01:15:52.980-01:15:56.524
907kai: Oh. He really wanted to know where your bike was at. 01:15:58.152-01:16:01.363
908kaneda: Where my bike was? 01:16:01.989-01:16:04.199
909kai: What are you gonna do? 01:16:12.500-01:16:14.459
910kaneda: I'm gonna go send Yamagata his wheels. 01:16:15.002-01:16:17.379
911kaneda: You dumb bastard! 01:16:22.009-01:16:24.386
912kai: Kaneda! 01:16:27.807-01:16:29.182
913kaneda: Kei! 01:16:45.449-01:16:46.408
914kaneda: What's wrong? 01:16:46.867-01:16:48.076
915kaneda: That night. You were there. 01:16:52.373-01:16:54.874
916kaneda: Wait! 01:16:58.879-01:17:00.213
917kaneda: Kei! 01:17:06.053-01:17:07.220
918kai: They're gone! 01:17:11.475-01:17:12.934
919kaneda: You're the one, right? You changed my friend, didn't you? -
920kiyoko: The thing about Akira's power is... 01:17:17.690-01:17:19.399
921kiyoko: it exists within everyone from the start. 01:17:19.525-01:17:22.110
922kaneda: Hey, who is that? 01:17:22.236-01:17:23.778
923kiyoko: But when that power is awakened inside... 01:17:25.239-01:17:27.866
924kiyoko: it is important to wisely choose how to use it. 01:17:27.992-01:17:31.286
925kiyoko: When the time comes, you might not know it... 01:17:31.745-01:17:34.122
926kiyoko: let alone be prepared for it. 01:17:34.248-01:17:36.416
927kiyoko: Your friend has already made his choice. 01:17:37.418-01:17:40.295
928kiyoko: Tetsuo is our newest companion. -
929kiyoko: He's our friend also. 01:17:44.091-01:17:46.134
930kiyoko: His actions are out of control... 01:17:47.428-01:17:49.304
931kiyoko: and for that we're partly to blame too. 01:17:49.430-01:17:51.306
932kaneda: Great! Then what in the hell did you take Kei for? 01:17:51.599-01:17:54.309
933kiyoko: We're hoping she'll be able to help us in some way. 01:17:54.602-01:17:57.312
934kaneda: They're people, not toys! Bring her back to me! 01:17:57.605-01:18:00.648
935kaneda: And Tetsuo's our friend, not yours! 01:18:00.774-01:18:02.817
936kaneda: If someone's gonna kill him, it should be us! 01:18:02.943-01:18:04.986
937kaneda: Hey! 01:18:07.781-01:18:08.823
938nezuassist: Are you sure? Mr. Omi and the others have been arrested in the coup d'etat? 01:18:11.744-01:18:15.830
939nezuassist: Yes, that's right. The house guards are fighting them right now. 01:18:16.123-01:18:20.335
940nezuassist: Yes. I'd like to have a helicopter waiting. Yes. 01:18:20.461-01:18:24.506
941nezu: That damn Colonel! I can't believe he's taken up arms. 01:18:26.091-01:18:29.093
942nezu: I've underestimated him. 01:18:31.805-01:18:33.765
943nezuguard: Hold them here! 01:18:38.312-01:18:40.188
944ryu: Mr. Nezu, I...... 01:19:10.761-01:19:13.137
945nezu: Oh! Ryu, is that you? 01:19:13.514-01:19:16.140
946ryu: I came to apologize, sir. 01:19:16.433-01:19:18.393
947ryu: The mission was a failure. 01:19:18.519-01:19:20.728
948nezu: Damn you! I told you, you can't be seen here! 01:19:21.021-01:19:24.857
949ryu: My two best men, they're dead. 01:19:26.485-01:19:29.070
950ryu: Everyone was killed. 01:19:29.280-01:19:30.572
951nezu: You bastard! You sold me out! 01:19:30.656-01:19:33.700
952ryu: What? 01:19:33.826-01:19:35.201
953kei: Kei! 01:19:38.372-01:19:39.706
954tankcommand1: What? 01:19:53.345-01:19:54.554
955tankcommand1: Yeah, 7th avenue is just up ahead. 01:19:54.847-01:19:56.556
956tankcommand1: It intersects this road a hundred meters from here. 01:19:56.682-01:19:59.601
957tankcommand1: Battle stations! 01:20:03.564-01:20:05.189
958tankcommand1: Right! The subject has been spotted. -
959tankcommand1: What? Attack the kid? 01:20:17.202-01:20:19.537
960tankcommand1: But, sir, he's just a boy! We can't attack him! 01:20:19.580-01:20:23.291
961akirafan1: - Look! There he is! 01:20:27.755-01:20:28.880
962akirafan2: - It's impossible. 01:20:28.881-01:20:29.797
963akirafan3: Is this for real? 01:20:29.882-01:20:31.049
964tankgun: Fire range preparations are complete. 01:20:42.728-01:20:44.562
965tankcommand1: Damn it! Fire! 01:20:47.274-01:20:49.067
966akirafan2: Is it Akira? 01:21:02.081-01:21:04.749
967akirafan4: Look, it's Lord Akira! 01:21:04.875-01:21:06.751
968naysay: Don't be fooled! This isn't the rapture! 01:21:07.628-01:21:09.629
969naysay: He's a false messiah! 01:21:09.755-01:21:11.172
970akirafan4: Long live Akira! 01:21:13.133-01:21:15.635
971tankcommand1: Fire! 01:21:16.136-01:21:17.512
972tankgun: - What the...... 01:21:18.639-01:21:19.722
973tankcommand1: - What's wrong? 01:21:19.723-01:21:21.015
974newscast: Coming to you live aboard news chopper 1 high over downtown. 01:22:48.562-01:22:51.272
975newscast: Neo Tokyo broadcasting is exclusively covering the news today... 01:22:51.398-01:22:54.275
976newscast: in spite of martial law, in the name of freedom of the press. 01:22:54.401-01:22:57.111
977newscast: What in the world is happening here in Neo Tokyo? 01:22:57.196-01:22:59.614
978newscast: What you see here seem to be fires caused by tank cannons. 01:22:59.740-01:23:02.784
979newscast: But who is this boy standing alone? Is he fighting the coup d'etat forces by himself? 01:23:02.910-01:23:07.288
980newscast: I'm sorry. We've been ordered to land. 01:23:07.748-01:23:09.457
981newscast: The army has just illegally ordered us to land! 01:23:09.583-01:23:11.793
982newscast: What is at stake here is freedom of the press! We've been ordered to... 01:23:11.919-01:23:15.254
983viewer: - Did they just get cut off? 01:23:16.256-01:23:17.590
984viewers: - Did they just get cut off? - What was that? 01:23:17.591-01:23:18.716
985akirafan5: The bridge! He's heading for the bridge! 01:23:18.842-01:23:21.135
986kai: Are you sure you want to do this alone? 01:23:40.948-01:23:42.782
987kaneda: This is what he wants, isn't it? 01:23:43.784-01:23:45.785
988kai: At least give me time to get the gang together. 01:23:46.411-01:23:48.830
989kai: Hey, wait! 01:23:49.414-01:23:50.957
990kaneda: I wouldn't want to keep him waiting now, would I? 01:23:51.083-01:23:53.417
991kai: Hey, Kaneda, hold on! 01:23:55.420-01:23:57.338
992tankcommand2: Half of them seem to be antigovernment demonstrators. The rest are...... 01:24:03.971-01:24:07.306
993tankcommand2: They're more like some crazy cult than onlookers. 01:24:07.391-01:24:11.519
994tankcommand2: They're following after the subject, and more and more keep coming. 01:24:11.645-01:24:14.814
995miyako: Flames of supreme purity... 01:24:17.985-01:24:19.986
996miyako: rain down and raze the corrupt city... 01:24:20.112-01:24:22.613
997miyako: and drown forever all the unclean believers of our time! 01:24:22.739-01:24:26.200
998miyako: Give yourselves into the flame, children... 01:24:26.326-01:24:28.202
999miyako: and all of you shall be reborn again! 01:24:28.328-01:24:30.496
1000miyako: Now consume our heart. 01:24:30.622-01:24:32.498
1001miyako: Wash our unclean hearts in the eternal fire! 01:24:32.624-01:24:35.334
1002miyako: Your body is going to be purified in the flames! 01:24:35.460-01:24:38.629
1003lasercommand: Ready! 01:24:39.464-01:24:41.299
1004tetsuo: - What? 01:24:42.009-01:24:42.508
1005lasercommand: - Fire! 01:24:42.509-01:24:43.718
1006lasercommand: Set the switch to hold for 3 seconds. Then converge your beams. 01:24:49.600-01:24:52.560
1007lasercommand: Aim, fire! 01:24:53.687-01:24:55.730
1008tetsuo: Watch this! 01:25:01.862-01:25:03.738
1009lasercommand: Look out! Let's get out of here! 01:25:09.870-01:25:12.413
1010miyako: Save me! 01:25:21.048-01:25:24.091
1011mobileradio: Ground forces. Ground forces, come in. 01:25:30.891-01:25:33.434
1012mobileradio: Report immediately. What is the subject's status? 01:25:33.560-01:25:35.603
1013mobileradio: Do you read? 01:25:35.854-01:25:37.897
1014colonel: Line to the doctor. 01:25:39.066-01:25:40.733
1015doctor: We have confirmation of his recent movements and are in pursuit. 01:25:40.901-01:25:44.111
1016doctor: His present position is... 01:25:44.237-01:25:46.572
1017doctor: coordinates 99871 by 4332. 01:25:46.657-01:25:51.118
1018doctor: That's about 2 kilometers south of the Olympic construction site... 01:25:51.745-01:25:54.622
1019doctor: in the old city. 01:25:54.748-01:25:55.790
1020colonel: What? 01:25:55.916-01:25:56.749
1021olympicguard1: Where did that blast come from? 01:26:02.214-01:26:04.090
1022olympicguard2: - Look! 01:26:04.216-01:26:05.174
1023olympicguard1: - Huh? 01:26:05.175-01:26:06.050
1024olympicguard2: That must be out over at the tollbooth being guarded by the second platoon. 01:26:06.218-01:26:10.054
1025olympicguard1: What the hell? 01:26:11.723-01:26:13.224
1026olympicannouncer: Please turn around now. This area is off-limits to civilians. 01:26:16.436-01:26:20.314
1027olympicannouncer: Huh? What? That's the escaped subject? Stop! -
1028olympicannouncer: Don't come any closer! Stop, damn it! 01:26:23.610-01:26:25.820
1029tetsuo: Nice place you have here, isn't it? 01:27:30.635-01:27:34.180
1030tetsuo: You are the girl that was with Kaneda. 01:27:41.188-01:27:44.356
1031kei: You shouldn't use your power in this way, for it is not correct. 01:27:44.483-01:27:48.402
1032tetsuo: What's that? 01:27:48.528-01:27:50.154
1033kei: Because in the end, you won't be able to control it, and it will control you. 01:27:50.280-01:27:54.909
1034tetsuo: It's the kids talking. You're those brats, right? 01:27:55.035-01:27:57.995
1035tetsuo: Nice one! 01:28:16.223-01:28:18.265
1036onlooker: What's going on? 01:28:39.871-01:28:41.789
1037armysarge: It's not safe here, Colonel! 01:28:52.259-01:28:53.801
1038tetsuo: All right now. Next move. 01:29:34.968-01:29:37.344
1039tetsuo: Open now! 01:31:04.557-01:31:05.933
1040tetsuo: What the hell is this? 01:31:16.903-01:31:18.946
1041colonel: That is Akira before you, Tetsuo. 01:31:19.030-01:31:21.699
1042colonel: That's the Akira you wanted to meet! 01:31:21.825-01:31:23.784
1043colonel: There is your messiah, the chosen one that you've been looking for. 01:31:23.910-01:31:27.746
1044colonel: Not long after his transcendental awakening... 01:31:27.872-01:31:30.624
1045colonel: his organs and tissues were subjected to every test known to modern science. 01:31:30.750-01:31:33.961
1046colonel: He's dead. That's it. 01:31:34.087-01:31:36.964
1047colonel: What you see there is all that's left of him. 01:31:37.090-01:31:39.550
1048colonel: And all of the scientists back then... 01:31:48.435-01:31:50.644
1049colonel: were unable to solve the mystery... 01:31:50.770-01:31:52.771
1050colonel: so they decided to entrust all of their collected data and test samples... 01:31:52.897-01:31:56.900
1051colonel: to future generations by preserving them in frozen capsules and locking them away. 01:31:56.943-01:32:00.404
1052colonel: - SOL. We will use SOL. 01:32:02.615-01:32:04.116
1053armysarge: - Huh? 01:32:04.117-01:32:04.825
1054colonel: Akira has been dead all this time. -
1055colonel: Well, are you satisfied now, Tetsuo? 01:32:10.582-01:32:13.334
1056colonel: Now will you return with us? 01:32:18.465-01:32:20.632
1057tetsuo: Like hell! 01:32:21.092-01:32:22.468
1058colonel: Contact the central defense center... 01:32:23.470-01:32:25.679
1059colonel: and tell them to patch us through into SOL's main control circuits right away! 01:32:25.805-01:32:29.475
1060kai: Hey, watch it, you jerk! 01:32:46.993-01:32:48.285
1061kai: Move! Get out of the way! Move it! 01:32:48.411-01:32:52.373
1062tetsuo: What is this, a science classroom? 01:33:08.681-01:33:11.725
1063tetsuo: Huh? 01:33:21.861-01:33:22.986
1064kaneda: What's wrong? Have some trouble? 01:33:28.701-01:33:31.412
1065tetsuo: Yeah, but I already took care of it. 01:33:31.538-01:33:35.374
1066tetsuo: And you're too late. You missed the show. 01:33:35.500-01:33:37.418
1067kaneda: Tetsuo, you had me worried again. 01:33:37.544-01:33:40.003
1068kaneda: I figured you'd be standing here, sobbing like a little baby. 01:33:40.130-01:33:43.215
1069tetsuo: Kaneda. You've always been a pain in the ass, you know. 01:33:43.675-01:33:47.928
1070tetsuo: You've been telling me what to do since we were kids! 01:33:48.346-01:33:51.098
1071tetsuo: You always treat me like a kid. 01:33:51.182-01:33:53.100
1072tetsuo: You always show up and start bossing me around, and don't you deny it! 01:33:53.226-01:33:58.230
1073kaneda: And now you're a boss, too, of this pile of rumble. 01:33:58.356-01:34:02.234
1074tetsuo: - Kaneda! 01:34:02.360-01:34:03.735
1075kaneda: - That's "Mister" Kaneda to you, punk! 01:34:03.736-01:34:06.113
1076tetsuo: Die! 01:34:06.239-01:34:08.198
1077kaneda: Tetsuo! 01:34:18.209-01:34:19.376
1078tetsuo: Son of a bitch! 01:34:42.775-01:34:44.735
1079kaneda: Kei! 01:34:58.458-01:34:59.416
1080kaneda: Oh, damn it! 01:35:01.461-01:35:02.920
1081tetsuo: Let's do it! -
1082kaneda: Gotcha! 01:35:19.771-01:35:21.688
1083tetsuo: What? 01:35:22.482-01:35:23.690
1084kaneda: Huh? 01:35:23.983-01:35:24.816
1085kaneda: The damn battery's dead! 01:35:26.986-01:35:29.530
1086tetsuo: What's the matter now, Kaneda? 01:35:29.656-01:35:32.115
1087kaneda: Damn it! 01:35:33.618-01:35:34.785
1088kaneda: It ain't fair, Tetsuo! Fight with your bare hands! 01:35:34.911-01:35:37.621
1089tetsuo: Oh, this is funny! 01:35:41.125-01:35:42.167
1090tetsuo: Feeling frustrated, Kaneda? 01:35:44.295-01:35:46.505
1091tetsuo: Now do you understand how it feels being little and helpless? 01:35:46.631-01:35:49.883
1092tetsuo: Oh? 01:35:52.512-01:35:53.554
1093tetsuo: Where's this light coming from? 01:35:56.015-01:35:58.392
1094colonel: - Were we on target? 01:36:09.195-01:36:10.112
1095armysarge: - Hard to tell. Too close to the impact point. 01:36:10.113-01:36:12.030
1096armysarge: - The monitors are getting too much electrical... 01:36:12.156-01:36:13.031
1097colonel: - Prepare a second volley, now! 01:36:13.032-01:36:14.866
1098kai: Hey! 01:36:37.557-01:36:40.058
1099kai: Kaneda! 01:36:40.184-01:36:42.102
1100kaneda: Tetsuo! 01:37:00.204-01:37:03.624
1101tetsuo: Shit! 01:37:18.514-01:37:19.931
1102kaneda: What the...... 01:37:21.267-01:37:23.060
1103kaneda: Wh...! 01:37:27.523-01:37:29.316
1104solcontrol1: Correcting error now on tracking system. 01:37:58.888-01:38:00.764
1105solcontrol2: T minus 20... 01:38:00.890-01:38:02.766
1106solcontrol1: Get the fire extinguishers! Are you okay? 01:38:02.892-01:38:04.518
1107solcontrol2: - Get that fire out! 01:38:04.602-01:38:05.435
1108colonel: - What's going on? 01:38:05.436-01:38:07.312
1109kai: Kaneda! 01:38:16.614-01:38:18.115
1110kaneda: Kai! Kei! 01:38:19.659-01:38:21.326
1111kai: - Kaneda! 01:38:21.452-01:38:21.827
1112kei: - Kaneda! 01:38:21.828-01:38:22.536
1113kai: Get on! 01:38:22.829-01:38:23.704
1114: - Where? 01:38:23.788-01:38:24.830
1115kaneda #kei: - Where? - Hurry! 01:38:24.831-01:38:26.206
1116solcontrol1: What is that? 01:38:48.354-01:38:50.355
1117armysarge: Reports say it's SOL. 01:39:03.995-01:39:06.079
1118doctor: Magnificent. 01:39:17.008-01:39:18.925
1119masaru: When Tetsuo's power reaches its peak... 01:39:29.061-01:39:31.104
1120masaru: is that what you're thinking? 01:39:31.230-01:39:33.106
1121takashi: That's when we do it. But will it really work? 01:39:33.232-01:39:37.402
1122kiyoko: We know the future doesn't necessarily proceed along a single course. 01:39:38.237-01:39:43.283
1123kiyoko: There ought to be a future we can choose. It's up to us to find it. 01:39:43.409-01:39:46.870
1124colonel: - What's Tetsuo's status, doctor? 01:39:57.089-01:39:58.924
1125doctor: - Colonel. 01:39:58.925-01:40:00.383
1126doctor: We set up a camera in the stadium if you want to check. 01:40:00.760-01:40:03.637
1127doctor: We have him under observation. 01:40:04.013-01:40:06.223
1128doctor: Colonel, you must take a look at this data. It's phenomenal! 01:40:07.517-01:40:11.478
1129doctor: We're still analyzing the energy given off by the subject, but it's just magnificent. 01:40:11.604-01:40:15.315
1130doctor: Oh, yes, wonderful. 01:40:15.441-01:40:17.317
1131doctor: Of course, this is clearly a proton collapse. 01:40:17.443-01:40:20.153
1132doctor: We're also detecting a fair number of what we believe to be unknown particles to science. 01:40:20.279-01:40:24.825
1133doctor: If we can put this into a theoretical framework... 01:40:24.951-01:40:27.285
1134doctor: then physics... quantum physics... 01:40:27.411-01:40:29.454
1135doctor: humanity itself could know the fundamental truths. 01:40:29.580-01:40:32.499
1136doctor: Uh... Uh... Well, you see... 01:40:34.961-01:40:37.254
1137doctor: we still haven't finished making our adjustments. 01:40:37.296-01:40:39.256
1138doctor: Wait, Colonel. 01:40:39.423-01:40:41.091
1139colonel: What the... The pattern! 01:40:46.556-01:40:48.515
1140colonel: You bastard! What did I tell you? 01:40:51.018-01:40:54.187
1141doctor: But, Colonel... 01:40:54.313-01:40:56.189
1142doctor: I couldn't throw away such a magnificent subject. 01:40:56.315-01:40:58.692
1143colonel: Shut up! 01:40:59.986-01:41:00.861
1144kai: Oh! Oh, oh! Oh, shit! 01:41:23.801-01:41:25.844
1145kaneda: Quick! The battery! 01:41:25.845-01:41:27.554
1146kai: Come on! My bike's burning up! 01:41:27.680-01:41:30.724
1147kaneda: Hey, what's losing a bike or two, huh? 01:41:30.808-01:41:33.310
1148kai: What? Then there's nothing wrong with using yours, right? 01:41:33.436-01:41:36.479
1149kaneda: - I said that out loud, did I? 01:41:36.606-01:41:38.356
1150kai: - Yeah, you did. 01:41:38.357-01:41:39.482
1151kaneda: By the way, your bike's still on fire. 01:41:39.609-01:41:41.526
1152kai: Huh? Oh, man! Oh! 01:41:41.652-01:41:43.069
1153kaori: Tetsuo? 01:42:23.527-01:42:25.612
1154kaori: Tetsuo, why is everyone calling you Akira? What does it mean? 01:42:36.540-01:42:40.710
1155tetsuo: It means nothing. 01:42:40.836-01:42:42.754
1156tetsuo: He never existed. 01:42:42.880-01:42:44.589
1157tetsuo: It doesn't matter who he is. They don't care. 01:42:45.591-01:42:47.467
1158tetsuo: Just so long as he destroys things. 01:42:50.262-01:42:52.263
1159kaori: What's that? Your arm! Look at it! 01:42:53.432-01:42:55.558
1160tetsuo: Well, it doesn't look like much, but it still works pretty good. 01:42:55.935-01:42:59.312
1161kaori: What's wrong? Are you okay? 01:43:02.608-01:43:04.985
1162tetsuo: It's nothing! 01:43:07.446-01:43:08.613
1163kaori: - Tetsuo, I just...... 01:43:09.365-01:43:10.198
1164tetsuo: - Shut up! Just go away! 01:43:10.199-01:43:12.575
1165tetsuo: Medicine. 01:43:19.709-01:43:21.084
1166colonel: What's wrong, Tetsuo? Are you in pain? Huh? 01:43:21.752-01:43:25.130
1167tetsuo: Go back to the lab and get that medicine. 01:43:25.256-01:43:28.508
1168colonel: Doctor, did you hear that? 01:43:28.634-01:43:30.802
1169doctor: - I did, Colonel. 01:43:30.928-01:43:32.387
1170colonel: -Well, any signs of it? 01:43:32.388-01:43:34.347
1171doctor: I can't be entirely certain here... 01:43:34.807-01:43:36.683
1172doctor: but it seems that the power which had been held back by the drugs is breaking free. 01:43:36.892-01:43:41.521
1173doctor: He may not be able to control the power that has awakened so suddenly! 01:43:41.647-01:43:45.191
1174doctor: He's in an extremely critical condition! 01:43:45.317-01:43:47.861
1175colonel: Come back to the lab and receive proper treatment. 01:43:48.821-01:43:51.781
1176colonel: If you don't, you may die. 01:43:51.824-01:43:53.700
1177tetsuo: You want me to enroll in your kindergarten and live happily ever after, huh? 01:43:55.911-01:44:00.040
1178tetsuo: Be quiet and do what you're told. 01:44:00.166-01:44:02.042
1179tetsuo: Take your medicine every day and end up all shriveled like those kids! 01:44:02.168-01:44:05.837
1180tetsuo: Kaori. 01:44:10.843-01:44:14.054
1181tetsuo: Fetch medicine, please. 01:44:17.266-01:44:19.017
1182kaori: No. 01:44:19.143-01:44:20.310
1183colonel: Stop, Tetsuo! 01:44:20.978-01:44:22.020
1184kaori: Tetsuo! 01:44:23.981-01:44:25.231
1185kaori: No, Tetsu...! 01:44:27.026-01:44:28.359
1186tetsuo: Kaneda! 01:45:00.142-01:45:01.267
1187tetsuo: Huh? 01:45:39.765-01:45:40.640
1188tetsuo: Son of a... Huh? 01:45:48.691-01:45:51.067
1189colonel: What are you three...doing here? 01:45:53.946-01:45:56.114
1190tetsuo: You didn't learn your lesson, did you? 01:46:02.121-01:46:04.330
1191kaneda: Heads up, Tetsuo! 01:46:06.625-01:46:07.959
1192colonel: Takashi. 01:46:22.141-01:46:23.766
1193kiyoko: Akira's here. 01:46:26.478-01:46:28.271
1194tetsuo: Help, Kaneda! Help, please! 01:46:41.452-01:46:45.205
1195tetsuo: Kaori! 01:46:54.506-01:46:57.175
1196tetsuo: Please, help me! 01:46:59.511-01:47:02.222
1197kaori: Help me! 01:47:14.109-01:47:15.985
1198kaneda: Let her go! 01:47:16.195-01:47:18.029
1199tetsuo: Kaori. Kaori. Kaori! 01:47:35.005-01:47:38.925
1200kaneda: Tetsuo, are you there? 01:47:39.051-01:47:41.678
1201tetsuo: Kaori! Kaori's gonna die! 01:47:41.804-01:47:44.889
1202kaneda: What? What did you say? 01:47:45.015-01:47:47.517
1203tetsuo: My body's not doing what I tell it to. 01:47:47.643-01:47:51.437
1204tetsuo: My power's acting on its own. Kaori! 01:47:51.563-01:47:55.358
1205tetsuo: Kaori's dying. 01:47:55.526-01:47:57.443
1206tetsuo: Kaneda, help me! 01:47:57.653-01:48:00.238
1207kaneda: Stop this, Tetsuo! Stop it now! 01:48:00.364-01:48:04.367
1208tetsuo: Kaori's pain is coming into me. 01:48:04.493-01:48:08.121
1209kaneda: Tetsuo! 01:48:09.748-01:48:11.541
1210tetsuo: Kaneda, run away! 01:48:12.710-01:48:16.296
1211kaneda: Tetsuo! 01:48:29.560-01:48:31.436
1212colonel: Kiyoko, Takashi, Masaru! Hurry! Get away from here! 01:48:43.115-01:48:47.076
1213colonel: Come on! 01:48:51.123-01:48:52.582
1214doctor: I can't believe it. It's as if...... 01:48:58.630-01:49:02.008
1215colonel: Kiyoko! Taka...... 01:49:14.438-01:49:17.357
1216masaru: Hi. 01:49:51.350-01:49:52.392
1217masaru: Akira. 01:49:54.520-01:49:55.895
1218doctor: Oh, no! That's the...... 01:50:04.113-01:50:06.030
1219doctor: But that's impossible! 01:50:07.449-01:50:09.534
1220colonel: Where am I? 01:50:19.294-01:50:21.671
1221kiyoko: Hurry. Get into the tunnel. You'll be safe in there. 01:50:21.797-01:50:25.550
1222colonel: Kiyoko, where are you? 01:50:25.634-01:50:27.677
1223colonel: Oh...... 01:50:29.346-01:50:30.930
1224kaneda: Tetsuo! 01:50:42.234-01:50:43.943
1225tetsuo: Kaneda! 01:50:44.069-01:50:46.446
1226kaneda: Hang on! 01:50:46.697-01:50:48.114
1227takashi: - Hurry! You've got to get out of here! 01:50:50.325-01:50:51.534
1228kaneda: - Out of the way! 01:50:51.535-01:50:52.952
1229kaneda: - Tetsuo! 01:50:53.078-01:50:54.495
1230takashi: - Don't go near it! 01:50:54.496-01:50:56.080
1231kiyoko: No, don't! Wait, Takashi! 01:51:02.671-01:51:05.298
1232masaru: If you went in now, you'd be trapped along with him. 01:51:05.424-01:51:08.801
1233takashi: But he... None of this is his fault at all. 01:51:08.927-01:51:12.805
1234masaru: - Takashi! 01:51:20.105-01:51:21.272
1235kiyoko: - Takashi! 01:51:21.273-01:51:22.815
1236masaru: If we went in there... 01:51:29.072-01:51:31.824
1237masaru: we wouldn't be strong enough to come back out again. 01:51:31.950-01:51:35.244
1238kiyoko: But if the three of us tried... 01:51:36.455-01:51:38.789
1239kiyoko: maybe we could save that boy. 01:51:38.916-01:51:40.791
1240masaru: You're right. Us three together. 01:51:40.918-01:51:44.003
1241kai: Look at that. We should get out of here now! Hey! 01:51:53.138-01:51:57.350
1242kei: Kaneda's in there. 01:51:58.435-01:52:00.353
1243kaneda: You see that? You're not revving your engine enough already. 01:52:33.136-01:52:36.847
1244yamagata: When you go into a corner, lean in suicidally. Got it? Now watch. 01:52:36.974-01:52:40.560
1245kai: - What the hell do you call that? 01:52:40.644-01:52:42.353
1246yamagata: - Cornering, man. 01:52:42.354-01:52:44.021
1247kaneda: You got it, Tetsuo? 01:52:45.607-01:52:47.567
1248schoolgirl1: Hey, look! They brought another kid! Is he a transfer student? 01:52:53.907-01:52:56.659
1249schoolgirl2: - His mom and dad left him. 01:52:56.702-01:52:58.035
1250schoolgirl1: - You can see it in his face. 01:52:58.036-01:53:00.496
1251kaneda: Are these... Are these all of your dreams and memories, Tetsuo? 01:53:03.709-01:53:08.504
1252kaneda: Uh, wait. 01:53:10.007-01:53:11.924
1253kaneda: Is this Akira? 01:54:29.211-01:54:31.671
1254kiyoko: Yes. We called him here to the three of us. 01:54:31.963-01:54:35.424
1255kiyoko: He's going to take Tetsuo with him. 01:54:35.550-01:54:38.010
1256kaneda: Take him where? Where? 01:54:38.095-01:54:41.013
1257takashi: It's too much for Tetsuo... 01:54:41.223-01:54:43.349
1258takashi: and for the three of us also and for Akira too. 01:54:43.475-01:54:47.186
1259masaru: It's way too big for us, as we are now. 01:54:47.312-01:54:50.856
1260kiyoko: But someday we ought to be able to...... 01:54:50.982-01:54:54.694
1261masaru: Because it has already begun. 01:54:54.820-01:54:58.155
1262kiyoko: Your friend, she's...... 01:54:58.281-01:55:00.700
1263kaneda: My friend? 01:55:00.826-01:55:02.368
1264kaneda: Kei! It's Kei you're talking about! 01:55:03.286-01:55:06.205
1265kaneda: Tetsuo. 01:55:31.857-01:55:33.733
1266kaneda: This is yours, right? 01:55:38.113-01:55:40.030
1267kaneda: They're always like that with the new kids. 01:55:45.871-01:55:48.748
1268kaneda: Hey, you came today, right? 01:55:48.874-01:55:50.249
1269kaneda: They beat me up too, but the truth is, those guys are wimps. 01:55:50.375-01:55:54.754
1270tetsuo: My name is... Tetsuo. 01:55:54.880-01:55:58.090
1271tetsuo: Tetsuo Shima. 01:55:58.216-01:55:59.592
1272kaneda: The truth is, I just got here myself. 01:56:01.344-01:56:04.346
1273kaneda: My name is...... 01:56:04.473-01:56:06.182
1274kei: Kaneda. Kaneda. 01:56:06.558-01:56:10.770
1275kei: - Kaneda! 01:56:11.229-01:56:12.229
1276kaneda: - Kei. 01:56:12.230-01:56:12.938
1277doctor: What in the world is happening? What's this? 01:56:39.591-01:56:42.134
1278doctor: No, this isn't...... 01:56:45.514-01:56:47.640
1279doctor: If this is correct, it's showing that this is the birth of the universe. 01:56:47.766-01:56:51.811
1280kaneda: Kei! 01:56:58.443-01:57:01.570
1281doctor: What's going on here? 01:57:06.952-01:57:08.994
1282doctor: Disappearing. It's disappearing. 01:57:11.122-01:57:12.957
1283kei: Kaneda, can you hear me? 01:58:24.279-01:58:26.530
1284kaneda: Tetsuo. 01:58:49.888-01:58:51.263
1285kei: Kaneda, what is it? 01:58:54.351-01:58:56.602
1286kaneda: Thank you. 01:58:57.228-01:58:58.354
1287kei: Huh? 01:58:58.813-01:58:59.772
1288kaneda: You called me, didn't you, and I heard you. 01:59:00.190-01:59:03.108
1289kai: Kaneda! Oh, my! 01:59:10.408-01:59:12.785
1290kei: Where's Tetsuo? 01:59:13.495-01:59:15.037
1291kaneda: He just left. 01:59:16.247-01:59:17.706
1292kaneda: Those kids did too. Akira also. 01:59:18.750-01:59:21.794
1293kei: Kaneda, back then... Oh, did you just... 01:59:22.253-01:59:24.922
1294kai: Kaneda! 01:59:26.508-01:59:28.384
1295kai: You're alive! 01:59:28.510-01:59:31.053
1296kai: I thought... 01:59:31.179-01:59:33.305
1297kai: I thought you were in there for sure. 01:59:33.556-01:59:35.933
1298kai: Tetsuo! What happened to Tetsuo? 01:59:38.770-01:59:41.105
1299kai: Is he dead? 01:59:41.773-01:59:43.107
1300kaneda: I'm not sure. 01:59:43.233-01:59:44.817
1301kaneda: Something... Oh! 01:59:45.402-01:59:47.403
1302kiyoko: But someday we ought to be able to...... 02:00:12.637-02:00:16.181
1303masaru: Because it has already begun. 02:00:16.307-02:00:19.685